Gilbert dad's message to son about bullying goes viral

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Talk about an awesome parenting moment.

The Internet is blowing up over a powerful video of a Gilbert father and son, as the dad taught his son an important lesson about bullying and self-acceptance.

Isaac Irvine learned that his 9-year-old son, Bodi, was bullied for having long hair.

Bodi said he is growing his hair out so he can donate it.

But that didn't stop kids from teasing him. "Two boys passed me and they made fun of me," Bodi told his dad.

So Bodi's dad had a talk with him, recording the whole conversation.

[See the Facebook post HERE.]

Irvine pointed out that sometimes even he gets made fun of because of his tattoos. And he told Bodi that bullying can happen to anyone.

"You know who else has long hair?" Football players. Do you think they get made fun of?" Irvine said.

Bodi's dad continued to use the incident as a teachable moment to help his son understand that different is okay.

"Just because you're unique and don't look like everyone else, doesn't mean you're weird or that being different is a bad thing, " Irvine said.

And it looks like the message resonated with Bodi.

"I think being different is a good thing," Bodi said in the video. "It means you think different from other people."

"Dude, that makes me so happy you just said that," Irvine said.

What a great kid! 

At first, Irvine says he had no intention of posting the video to Facebook.

He was just going to document his conversation and use it as a teaching moment years later.

But post it he did, and virtually overnight, the video quickly started getting shared across social media platforms.

Irvine was beyond surprised and says he's pleased that the flood of positive comments has given ‘power’ back to his son. He also said he plans to read each comment to his boy.

The comments were overwhelmingly positive. Some of them read:

  • "This made my heart so happy!! It gave me goosebumps watching it. I wish everyone would sit down and talk with their kids about situations like this!" 
  • "That story, I'm sure, has inspired thousands of people. It has inspired me. Also, never concern yourself with bullies. Don't pay attention to what others say that is negative. The fact that you are donating your hair is incredibly thoughtful of you. Your dad is very proud of you and I'm sure when you're older and look back on this, you're going to be very thankful you were so strong and didn't let bullying affect you. Stay strong and carry on!"
  • "You are such a good dad. It seriously made me tear up watching this. Reminded me so much of the way my dad would talk to me about these kinds of things."
  • "Your kiddo has a HUGE heart for wanting to do what he's doing with his hair. I wish more kids knew that kind of compassion and love, especially with how chaotic the world can be right now. Your kiddo is going places."
  • "So many people I know have had cancer and those hair donations mean so much. I had cancer too and beat it! What an amazing, selfless thing he's doing. He's such a strong kid with an amazing future ahead of him. Keep your head up, kid! You got this!"

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