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By Krissy Lenz, Guru of Geekery
Geeking out is easier and more exciting than ever. Now, with elegant house wares and home décor items available, your home can be as geeky as you like! 
For the Kitchen – From dining sets to small appliances, the geeky gourmet can have all of the nerdy kitchen and cooking items!  
Death Star Wooden Cutting Board - 
Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Set - 
Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker- 
Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Flatware Set- 
For the Bath -  Your towel and curtain selections can transform your bathroom into the final frontier… of personal hygiene.
Star Trek Enterprise Blue Print Shower Curtain: 
Borg Bath Towel Set - 
Captain America Winter Soldier 3 Piece Towel Set - 
For the Bedroom – From elegant to overwhelming, when you tuck yourself to bed at night these geeky goodies will cuddle you close.
Star Trek TNG Uniform Bedding Set - 
Star Wars Throw Pillow Set - 
Exclusive Doctor Who Comforter -
And Beyond… - For everything from your lawn to the storage of tea bags, there are geeky solutions! I recommend repurposing your favorite geeky items like metal lunch boxes and plastic popcorn bins to hold some of your smaller kitchen and bath items. Display collectables in unexpected nooks and crannys. And always be on the lookout for amazing and elegant geeky art!
Check out these lawn décor items – 
Rampaging Kaiju - 
Dragon Attack - 
Fantastic Geekery and Where to Find it – My favorite places to score geeky gear for the home. 
Think Geek – You may have noticed that all of my favorite geeky gear for the home listed here can be found on Think Geek is my go to resource for one of a kind geeky goodness, gifts, and exclusive items you cannot find anywhere else. Plus, geek points give you incentives to shop! 
Loot Crate – If you like surprises and are less specific about your needs, I highly recommend a subscription to Loot Crate. Each month find themed array of surprise items that range from house wares and kitchen supplies to wearables and art. 
Visiting Geeky Places – Simply stepping out your door and into the larger world of immersive geekery can open up a whole new world of house wares and décor possibilities. Disneyland, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, and even the Phoenix Comicon can be great places to find one of a kind, exclusive and handmade items. 
Make Your Own – If you find yourself unable to find something specific to fit both your fandom and your bathroom, get craft and make your own! Pinterest is a great resource, but never underestimate your own abilities to create the things you imagine! 
Like these DIY Lego Key Holders - 
Whether you choose to geek out your home in a subtle and smooth way, or go over the top with custom items and collectibles, there is more geeky goodness out there than ever- so have fun!

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