Oh baby! Phoenix police officer helps deliver infant

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(Source: Phoenix Police Dept.) (Source: Phoenix Police Dept.)

A Phoenix police officer really delivered Tuesday morning, doing his job and also going above and beyond the call of duty. He helped a Valley mom deliver her baby!

Officer Sean Muniz's day started out ordinary enough.  He had a squad briefing at 5:30 a.m., then got into his vehicle to head out to patrol his assigned area.

Soon, a call came in from the area of 7th Street and Roosevelt.

During the call, Muniz arrested a suspected trespasser, who began shouting loudly from the back of the police car.

As Muniz began to run the suspect's information on his computer, he looked up to see a car accident happen right in front of him, almost striking the police car.

Muniz immediately got out of his vehicle and that's when the driver of one of the cars came running over to him, frantic and screaming.

The man told Muniz that his wife was in the car and she was in labor.

Sure enough, the man's wife was having contractions, and the baby was on its way out, ready or not!

So within a span of just a few minutes, Muniz now had an angry suspect, a frantic dad-to-be, a soon-to-be mother in active labor and a second accident driver all needing his attention.

 Very often, and in dramatic fashion, an officer is called upon to make choices about what to prioritize.

You can judge from the photo what choice he made: to help bring new life into this world.

Muniz called the fire department then he and the dad started helping the mom to deliver the baby, which was actually arriving a month early!

Firefighters arrived and were able to get the family to the hospital in time.

Mom delivered the baby there and both are healthy and doing well.

Muniz had to finish up all the other work back at the original scene, but he found time to swing by the hospital later in his shift and check on mom and her new bundle of joy.

Thanks. Officer Muniz!

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