Former D-back Eric Byrnes to Premier New Film in Scottsdale

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For two seasons, Eric Byrnes was one of the biggest names in Arizona sports.  Fans lined up at Chase Field for Eric Byrnes look-a-like contests and the D-backs left fielder helped lead the club to the NL West Championship in 2007.  It was like something out of a movie.

Byrnes returns to the Valley of the Sun this week to premier his new film "Diamond to the Rough."

"It chronicles my journey from playing baseball to running the Western States 100 Mile endurance run," says Byrnes, who stopped by 3 TV's studios to chat with Mark McClune.

After retiring from baseball in 2010, Byrnes took up professional softball, MLB Network analyst work and training for triathalons.  He eventually trained for his first ultra-marathon and hired Sierra Studio Films to follow his journey.

"I don't want to say it was going to be a comedy but we figured there was going to be a huge comical element to it," says Byrnes.  "When we got done with the film, it was like, that was pretty heavy."

The film will premier at Livewire on Wednesday night in Scottsdale.  Tickets are free for fans who go to and enter SunTrust in the promotional code.