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Paradise Valley turns ultra-modern with new home styles
If you haven't been to Paradise Valley lately, you might be surprised at how modern it's becoming. The town was originally home to cattle grazers in the 1880's, but evolved over the years into the wealthiest suburb in Phoenix. Today, as many of the homes continue to have that old world charm, there's a new enclave of homes pushing the boundaries on contemporary and modern living. We get a tour of one such community called, The Village at Mountain Shadows. 

For more information: http://cullumhomes.com/projects/the-village-at-mountain-shadows and for information on Paradise Valley's newest resort: https://www.mountainshadows.com/

Where testosterone finds a home & where car is king

It's the newest and most innovative 2-deck underground vehicle parking system in the world. We check out the "Car Bar," which is made by Harding Steel, a Colorado-based company. It's a car lifting system that'll turn your two or three car garage into something much more. It's one of the amenities at The Village at Mountain Shadows and it's featured in the Cholla Model. The Car Bar here actually turns this 3-car garage into a garage that can accommodate 8 vehicles. The price tag on the car bar is between $100,000-$125,000. 

For more information, visit: http://www.hardingsteel.com/?_vsrefdom=adwords&gclid=CPOU6qSDqdICFUKTfgodpEwFiQ

Contemporary cooking with Paradise Valley Chef Matt of Fat Ox

For Chef Matt Carter, running a restaurant and serving up home-made Italian food to his guests is his passion and his calling. He shows us the artistry for making Italian cuisine, but with a modern twist, which is abundant at his comfortable, but contemporary luxury restaurant on Scottsdale and Lincoln, right down the street from our modern 3TV field trip home. 

For more information, visit:  http://www.ilovefatox.com/

6316 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Elevate your space and make "modern" feel warm  

Old world charm is out. Modern and warm is in. That seems to be the going trend in luxury design these days. We get a tour of one of the most modern homes in the Paradise Valley area, and learn how to turn your own space into an elegant and sophisticated design using light, color and patterns that will reflect your unique personality, using the principles of "massing." 

Architectural Design Principle of "Massing"

Here based on the o Core Wall
o Fireplace
o Simplify and de-Nub
· Make Modern Warm by Material Choice
o Ex: Wood Paldao Walls
· Gestalt Principal
o Over Composition
o You create the Pattern
o Unfussy
· Furniture Design echoed from Structure
o Coffee Table Large Coaster
o Dining Table Sculptural and Architectural
o Design 528

For more information, visit: http://www.imidesignstudio.com/ and http://cullumhomes.com/projects/the-village-at-mountain-shadows

How to expertly sculpt your space to feel modern and new 

Interior design trends come and go, but experts say the latest trends revolve around a new modern look that adapts to an urban lifestyle. Inspired by advanced electronics, fun colors, bright airy spaces and bringing the outdoors in, are just some ways to mix modern design into your living spaces. We learn more with Designer Anita Lang of IMI Designs, the brainchild behind these two luxurious model homes in Paradise Valley on how to expertly "sculpt your space.". 

Sculpting Your Space: Good Design uplifts the Spirit
o Warm but Light-Hearted
· Start with Sculpting the Space
o Use of Materials
· Juxtaposition of Materials
o Wood with Lacquer
o Organic Table with Chandelier
· Good use of Scale and Proportion
o Art Pieces
o Fireplace Unit
· Artistic Composition
o Ex: Master Headboard Wall
o TV Wall
· Budget
o Surprise! This one was on budget!
o Designer Help to Spend Wisely

Interior design trends are mysterious, they come and go, but experts around the world religiously analyze the latest trends to predict the development of new modern ideas following changes in lifestyle and tastes. Contemporary architecture, fashion, entertaining and media industries influence modern interior design and define new trends for 2017. Modern interior colors, solutions inspired by advanced electronics and new technology, a creative reinvention of vintage decor, surprising and Green ideas create a beautiful mix of modern interior design trends for 2017.

For more information, visit: http://www.imidesignstudio.com/ and http://cullumhomes.com/projects/the-village-at-mountain-shadows

How to cook pizza outside

It's a trend in backyard landscapes, more and more people seem to be opting for wood-burning pizza ovens or modern gas-powered ovens, either way, the result can be oh-so-good, pizza. Grimaldi's is here with some tasty ideas for cooking up that perfect outdoor pizza. 

For more information, visit: https://www.grimaldispizzeria.com/

Source: www.FoodRepublic.com
3 Methods for Cooking a Pizza Outdoors:
DIRECT. Get a 500-degree (Fahrenheit) fire going. Form out the dough. Put it over the fire, directly on the grill. Leave it over the fire for 30 seconds to one minute. Flip over the dough and place cheese and toppings on the dough (though in this method, toppings should be sparse). Close grill top and let the cheese melt, about five minutes, and rotate if necessary.

INDIRECT. Fire up one side of the grill only, and place a pizza stone on the other side. Allow the stone to heat up for one hour. When the indirect zone is at 500 degrees, place a moderately thin-crust pizza on the stone for about 10 minutes with grill top closed, rotating the pizza once or twice as needed.

BIG GREEN EGG: If you have this type of smoker/grill, place the pizza stone over the fire; you'll need a stone that can handle direct heat. The pizza will cook very quickly with the top closed, so check after a minute or two. You will not need to rotate as the heat should be uniform. The ceramic lid of an Egg cooker means that the heat emanates from above, and the stone blocks a lot of heat, so the crust might not be as crunchy in this method.

AAWL's Spring program for kids starting soon 

Create your own camp this Spring with the Arizona Animal Welfare League. Camp is completely customizable for kids six and older, and makes for a unique experience for the animal lover in your home. AAWL joins us with more info on that, and also introduces us to the adoptable pet of the week. Camp costs about $120 for a 1.5-hour block, and space is limited. 

Choose Your Own Adventure spring program at AAWL allows a kid and up to 19 friends select from nine ways to spend their time during Spring Break! A camp of one kid is just as welcome as a camp of 20!

Programs include:

  •     Reading to animals
  •     Completing boy/girl scout badge work
  •     Making toys and treats for the shelter animals
  •     Hanging out with exotic animals and learning how to care for them
  •     Play time in a yard with a dog

Camp Details: 

  •     March through April: Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (1.5-hour intervals)
  •     $120 per 1.5-hour for up to 20 people 

For more information, visit: https://aawl.org/camp/spring

Arizona Animal Welfare League Education Bldg.
30 N. 40th Pl.
(602) 273-6852

Get in your last Winter trip now

This might be your last chance to take that last Winter trip of the season. For highlights of a ranch getaway and fun winter activities, Travel Expert and Creator of The Travel Diet, Dena Roché, joins us with everything you'll need to know. 

For more information, visit: www.thetraveldiet.com and these other sites:

The Ranch at Rock Creek

Peter Glynn 


Ariat Boots


X-Factor's Alex & Sierra's West Coast Tour comes to the Valley 

Alex and Sierra shot to stardom after success on the X Factor in 2013. We catch up with them as they finish a west coast tour, and release their first independent album. The duo will perform tonight at Crescent Ballroom, and there are still a handful of tickets available. 

For more information, visit:  www.alexandsierraofficial.com 

For more information on the Crescent Room and tickets information, visit: http://www.crescentballroom.org/

Crescent Ballroom 
Address: 308 N 2nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003
Phone: (602) 716-2222

A vegetarian breakfast even meat-eaters would love 

PHOENIX magazine's "101 Things We Love about the Valley" issue is out on newsstands. The issue includes the Valley's emerging breakfast and brunch scene, such as Coronado on 7th Street, which features vegetarian meals even meat-eaters would love. 

For more information, visit: www.thecoronadophx.com

2201 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ 85006