Cyber tracking tools help parents decode teen's texting slang

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Do you have a teen who always seems to be on a smartphone?

You're not alone!

A Pew Research Center survey shows 92-percent of teenagers go online, at least once a day.

As many as 24-percent say they're online almost constantly.

So, it's hard to keep track of what they're saying or doing. But, there are some trick for parents.

Experts say one of the best things parents can do is set rules and stick to them, such as no texting and driving, no devices during dinner and use your best judgment. 

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They say parents need to learn all they can about texting and social media, then talk to your kids because sometimes they just don't grasp the impact messages they send can have.

One tool parents can use to keep tabs on their children is

For $9 a month, the cyber watchdog keeps track of what teens are texting and their social media posts, sending parents an alert if it catches any signs of cyber bullying, sexting or worse.

There are also dozens of slang terms kids are using.

GNOC means get naked on camera. CUF6 is see you for sex.

 For a more detailed guide on texting slang, visit    

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