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Silver Apple Award winner Roxanne Lopez: 'I teach because it's my passion'

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Roxanne Lopez, Mountain View School (Source: 3TV) Roxanne Lopez, Mountain View School (Source: 3TV)
(Source: 3TV) (Source: 3TV)
(Source: 3TV) (Source: 3TV)

Roxanne Lopez is a kindergarten teacher at Mountain View School.

Why did you decide to get into teaching?
My parents bought me a chalkboard when I was 7 years old and I have been a teacher ever since.

What is your favorite teaching moment?
I have 23 years of teaching moments.  I can’t choose just one.

How did you feel when you realized you won the Sliver Apple Award?
I am still in SHOCK! I teach because it’s my passion and I love it. It made me feel honored to know that my students and families appreciate the dedication and love I give to the children each day.

What do you plan on doing with the $500 grant?
I am going to buy various flexible seating options for my classroom. Research shows students learn better when they are comfortable and have those options available to them.  IKEA here I come!

Please share one of your best practices in the classroom with us.
Strong classroom management makes your day a happy one.  When the students know they are loved and they have routines and structure, the classroom environment is positive and it promotes effective learning.  Also, individualizing curriculum and practices to meet the needs of all learners is very important. 

What advice would you give to new teachers starting their career in the teaching industry?
Procedures, procedures, procedures. If any teacher spends the first week or two solidifying procedures, your year will be as smooth as butter! A book I advise every new teacher to read is "The First Days of School" by Harry Wong. I still reference this book after 20-plus years in education.

What was the greatest life lesson you've learned through your teaching experience that has affected your personal life?
Don’t sweat the small stuff. In education, we talk about our essential standards. What is the most important? Prioritize what is the most important to you. I have learned how to balance my day as I give 100 percent to my students and family. I am a lifelong learner as an educator. No matter how long you have been teaching, you are still learning, even from a 5-year-old child.

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