Candidate for AZ governor shares sexual proclivities (and more) on campaign site

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Noah Dyer (Source: Noah Dyer (Source:
'Sandal and Controversy' page on Dyer's campaign website (Source: 'Sandal and Controversy' page on Dyer's campaign website (Source:

The first Democrat to officially enter the race to become Arizona’s next governor describes himself as "a modern candidate for Arizona’s future," and he wants you to know everything about him. Literally, everything.

Noah "Noé" Dyer’s campaign website is a unique deep dive into the candidate’s life. Perhaps deeper than some might want to venture. In addition to the usual sections that solicit donations, share Dyer’s stances on the issues and tell you a bit about the man who wants to be your governor, there’s a tab labeled "Scandal and Controversy."

Talk about a clickable title.

"Think about how much time political campaigns spend digging up dirt on their opponents," the page reads. "Noah is confident that all time spent this way is wasteful and unfortunate. It is his belief that the cleverly disclosed scandals that come out of the woodwork in the midst of campaigns mainly serve to divert and distract away from meaningful dialogue. 

"He wants to have a real conversation."

The information on that page is about as real as it gets. Dyer, a 36-year-old Glendale marketing exec, says it’s all about transparency, something in which he strongly believes.

The first section is about sex. While it might be more than you want to know, it dovetails with his assertion that he will "be open with voters about political and personal matters."

And open he is.

"He is an advocate of open relationships," according to his campaign site. "He’s had group sex and sex with married women.  He has sent and received intimate texts and pictures, and occasionally recorded video during sex."

The Scandal and Controversy page also explains that every relationship in which he has engaged has been "legal and consensual" and that he "condemns" coercive and abusive behavior.

There also are sections on religion (People should be free to believe what they want), personal finances (negative net worth; lots of debt), family (divorced father of four) and privacy.

In 2014, Dyer proposed living on camera 24/7 for a year, in part because "Honest people have nothing to be embarrassed about if their private acts are broadly known." He launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project, which he compared to a "nature documentary," but he did not reach his goal.

He considers his transparency -- he claims to hold himself to a higher standard than he does others, including those in public office --  to be one of the things that would make him a great governor.

"He believes government transparency is a critical issue for 21st century [sic] voters," according to his website. "The extreme willingness to be transparent in both personal and political matters is a core value that sets Noah apart from any other candidate for office."

Other tidbits Dyer’s website reveals

  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Hobby stage hypnotist
  • Served a Mormon mission before becoming agnostic
  • Avid reader, including religious texts
  • Volunteers reading to the blind
  • Eagle Scout
  • Sportsman
  • ScrumMaster
  • Author
  • Central High School graduate
  • Bachelor’s in psychology from Arizona State University West
  • MBA from ASU

After clicking through Dyer’s site, is there anything we don’t know about him? There doesn’t seem to be.

"He has been married, divorced, a homeless person, a champion athlete, and many other things. Perhaps most importantly, and inspiring his campaign for governor, Noah has something in common with nearly everyone and likes to build on common experiences rather than focus on differences."

With his children by his side, Dyer hosted news conferences in Tucson, Phoenix and Flagstaff on Valentine's Day to announce his candidacy.

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