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Lobster Roll, Poke Bowl and Cioppino


Courtesy of Chef Frank Hoekenga of Crab & Mermaid Fish Shop

Lobster Roll
Toasted Bun 1
Lobster Claw & Knuckle Meat ¼ lb
Lemon Aioli  1Tbs
Salt & Pepper Pinch

1.Toast the bun
2.Combine the lemon aioli, salt & pepper, and lobster meat in a small mixing bowl 
3.Mix until the lobster has the desired coating 
4.Scoop lobster into the bun 

Poke Bowl
White Rice 4oz
Salmon     2oz
Tuna 2oz
Cucumber 1oz
Seaweed Salad    1oz 
Pickled Ginger    1oz
Soy Beans 1oz
Avocado Spread    1oz
Soy Ginger Dresser 1Tbs
Sesame Seed Blend  Pinch

1.Scoop the rice into a medium serving bowl
2.Place the salmon and tuna on the rice 
3.Continue placing the cucumber, seaweed salad, pickled ginger and soy beans around the outside of the dish 
4.Using a piping bag, place avocado spread in the middle of the dish 
5.Coat everything with the soy ginger dressing and garnish with sesame seeds 

Oil  To coat pan
Shrimp    3
Mussels    3
Clams    3
Fish Medley  4oz
Tomato Red Pepper Broth    12oz
Fennel Red Pepper Mix    1oz
Garlic    1Tbs
Salt & Pepper 1ts

1.Heat sauté pan with enough oil to coat the pan 
2.Once the oil is hot, add the shrimp, mussels, clams, fish medley, garlic, salt & pepper, and fennel pepper mix
3.Once the fish is 80% cooked, add the broth and return to heat until the fish is fully cooked 
4.Serve in a cast iron bowl 


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