Repossession man briefly drives off with toddler in car

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File photo (Source: welcomia via 123RF) File photo (Source: welcomia via 123RF)

Authorities say an Arizona tow-truck driver responsible for repossessing a car drove away with a toddler in the vehicle.

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office spokesman Dwight D'Evelyn tells The Daily Courier that a mother put her 20-month-old child in the car on Wednesday and left the engine running while she ran back in her house.

In that time, the tow-truck driver hooked up the car and began to haul it away. D'Evelyn says the driver didn't get far before realizing the child was there and stopped by the end of the block, called sheriff's deputies and brought the car back.

The child was not hurt and the mother worked out a deal with the bank over the phone.

Dewey is a little less than 90 minutes north of Phoenix.

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