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Annual VNSA Book Sale begins this weekend  

Buying books for a good cause takes place this weekend at the Arizona State Fairgrounds. The annual VNSA Used Book sale begins Saturday Feb 11 and Sunday Feb 12. VNSA is an all-volunteer organization whose 130 members work year-round preparing for and producing the largest charity used book sale in the Southwest. Money raised funds nonprofit organizations in Maricopa County. 

For more information: or call 602-265-6805.

Saturday, February 11, 2017 from 8 am to 6pm. 
Sunday, February 12, 2017 from 8 am to 4pm.

Arizona State Fairgrounds
Exhibit Building
1826 W. McDowell Road
Phoenix, AZ  85007
(Enter from 17th Avenue & West McDowell Road)

Admission to the Book Sale is free.
The State Fairgrounds charges a parking fee.

Mary Coyle Ol' Fashion Ice Cream celebrates 66 years in the Valley

Mary Coyle Ol' Fashion Ice Cream has been a Valley institution since 1951, scooping out fresh, in-store made ice cream, using Mary's original family recipes. This month marks the ice cream shops 66th year in Phoenix, and they're celebrating with 66 cent single scoops. We join owner Mike Stoffey for a walk down memory lane, and a tour of his new digs on 7th street. 

For more information:

Mary Coyle Ol' Fashion Ice Cream
5823 N. 7th Street, Phoenix
(Just S. of Bethany Home Rd.)

Young at Heart: Tai Chi

OptumCare Community Centers provide people 55+ a place to meet others and be active. The facility has a fitness center and offers a variety of activities including group exercise and fitness training; chair yoga; quilting; knitting and crocheting; arts and craft classes; line dancing; presentations on health topics; weekly movies; and computer training.

For more information: or call (623) 707-2895

OptumCare Community Center 
985 W Chandler Heights Road, Suite 12 
Chandler, AZ 85248 

Arizona Beer Week and OHSO's Donut Daze 

Arizona Beer Week has 300 events across the state and OHSO is just one of the breweries participating with a variety of events including Donut Daze. The biggest event of the week is the Arizona Strong Beer Festival on Saturday with more than 140 breweries and 500 different craft beers. 

OHSO Brewery 
3 valley locations

For more information, visit: or 
Phone: 602.341.5724 

A Mad Hatter tea party with tea-infused beers

Celebrate Arizona Beer Week and head down the rabbit hole for this unique event, featuring an "Alice in Wonderland"-inspired five-course lunch paired with tea-infused beers at Gertrude's in the Desert Botanical Garden. 

For more information, visit: or 
Phone: 602.341.5724 

Meet Arizona's new State Film Commissioner 

Will Arizona become the newest location for Hollywood? Years ago, from 2006 to 2010, Arizona offered incentives for films to be shot here, the film industry was booming, bringing revenue to the State. After that, the incentives went away, and so did the state's film office. Enter Matthew Earl Jones. Last month, he was named Arizona's new State Film Commissioner. And if his name sounds familiar, that's because Matthew is the son of actor Robert Earl Jones and half-brother of actor James Earl Jones. We meet Matthew, and the Arizona Production Association at Sneaky Big Studios, which Matthew believes will put us on the map as a Hollywood contender, to find out what the future holds for the film industry in Arizona. We also talk about the lack of tax credits, and what incentives he's working on right now to entice Hollywood to spend their movie money right here in the Valley.    

For more information:

118 N 7th Ave, Suite 400
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 845-1200

Spice up your love life with yoga in the bedroom

Increase your libido and sex appeal with the top three yoga moves you can use in the bedroom. That's according to Sumits Yoga, who joins us with proper form, specific poses and the scientific benefits of each. 

For more information:

Don't put too much pressure on Valentine’s Day, says expert

 "Sex Happens" author Dr. Carol Soloway says women and men can place a huge amount of pressure on Valentine's Day and even though it's only for 24 hours and the heartache can last much longer. She says Valentine's Day is a day to love ourselves, our significant others, family members and a time to appreciate the bigger picture.

Women and men place a huge amount of pressure on Valentine's Day and it's only for 24 hours and the heartache can last much longer.

Dr. Carol Soloway suggest doing instead:
-    Look at your expectations and don't fall for the myth of what Valentine's Day tradition or your friends with significant others are saying, feeling.
-    Create your own love story around your reality today. Think about the people you love, including yourself.
-    What can you do to "feed" the love for others for Dr. Carol, it's cooking. She just spent 6 hours making stuffed cabbage for her girlfriend of 50 years and they ate it every night.
-    Maybe cooking isn't your deal, what about bringing something or helping out at a shelter if that "feeds" you.
-    What do you love to do? If you love to play tennis, find a tennis partner who doesn't a Valentine's Day partner
-    Go to a movie and don't look at the couple next to you holding hands
-    Being able to "see" Love as the bigger picture, Valentine's Day is a day to love ourselves, our significant others, family members, etc.

How can people accomplish this? 
-    What does love mean to you? For me, it means "giving" and "nurturing"
-    It has to be the right circumstances, but you're not going to give to a narcissistic person
-    Love to me is "receiving" but if you don't have a partner, the other side of receiving is "giving," i.e. to friends, shelters, children, schools, 
-    If things don't work to give of yourself, then sit down and give to yourself and use Valentine's Day to create a vision board of what love you do want
-    Have a Gratitude file. It takes at least five positive comments to negate one negative comment and start reading them again.
-    If you're going to focus on your "Valentine Day's emptiness", it will grow larger and more emotionally painful.
-    We're talking about feeding ourselves, not starving ourselves

Here are some ideas you can say or do for a loved one on Valentine's Day or throughout February, if you're a diehard Valentine's romantic person
-    Think of who you can help, what about sending yourself a Valentine's Card through the mail
-    Take a bag and put all of the people that have helped you in your life, and then take each one out and send a thank you or gratitude note to them
-    Pull one name out and do something amazing for them off the charts that will get your frame of mind on something that is loving and positive
-    Do something fabulous for yourself, i.e. buy a sexy pair of under garments just for you to enjoy at least for this Valentine's Day and tack it on your Vision Board

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Street Eats features new food trucks including "Blue Bunny" and the "Crab & Mermaid" 

Street Eats Food Truck Festival is tomorrow at Salt River Fields, and one of the newest food trucks joining the ranks of this foodie festival, is Blue Bunny. The national ice cream brand is launching its first ever ice cream food truck this month, right here in Phoenix, featuring gourmet, customizable ice cream cookie sandwiches. Also, new to the Valley is the Crab & Mermaid food truck, promising to bring the freshest seafood to the streets of Arizona. We check out their rotating menu of seafood, from lobster rolls to fish tacos. 

For more information: and  

For more information on Street Eats Food Truck:

Street Eats Food Truck Festival
Feb 11th & 12th
Salt River Fields at Talking Stick
7555 N Pima Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85258