Heightened police presence for Phoenix Open and Super Bowl Sunday

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(Source: 3TV/CBC 5) (Source: 3TV/CBC 5)

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is underway, and that means star-studded celebrities gracing the green, flocks of decorated fans lining the course, and inevitably, a large drinking scene.

Not to mention the Super Bowl parties that will cap off the weekend, which likely could include a table of finger-food and a cooler of chilled beer.

However, while fans use this week to celebrate, law enforcement across Maricopa County are focused on urging people to make good choices and find a sober ride to get fans consuming alcohol to and from events.  

The Scottsdale Police Department, in collaboration with four other cities and the Department of Public Safety, will be conducting DUI Task Forces from Wednesday through Saturday for the Waste Management Phoenix open, which may include sobriety checkpoints along the roadways to and from the event. Know Your Limit details will also be around the entrances and exits to the event.

Maricopa County will also saturate the roadways with an increased level of DUI enforcement this weekend and police for the slightest indication of a person driving under the influence. Penalties for a DUI in the state of Arizona include 10 days of jail time, a loss of your license and thousands of dollars in fines.

However, there are tools that fans can use in order to stay safe this weekend. Recently Tostitos’ partnered with Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving to create a tortilla chip bag that allows users to know if they’ve recently consumed alcohol. The bag acts as a breathalyzer. However,  does not give a reading, and lights up red if it detects alcohol on your breath. It then gives users an option to touch their phone to the bag to call the nearest Uber.

Police advise users to remember that this is only a tool and not a defense for drinking and driving.  

"At the point, you are blowing into a bag of chips you're already questioning your ability to drive sober,” Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said. “Make the right choice and find a sober driver to get you home safe. Any product you can use to test your sobriety should be used only to raise awareness of impaired driving. If someone decides to drink and drive they need to understand they will be held fully accountable."

Uber and Lyft will be offering rideshares all week, as well as buses and free shuttles that will navigate people to and from events. Uber will have a pick-up and drop-off lot at the Phoenix Open. Lyft is also offering 20 percent off your ride to and from the tournament using the code CADDY. 

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