Student workers not part of minimum wage increase

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Student workers at ASU won't see a $10 per hour minimum wage yet. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5) Student workers at ASU won't see a $10 per hour minimum wage yet. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

Arizona State University labor managers said student workers won't be getting a minimum wage increase.

An email sent out to the employees said they are classified as "state workers" that are exempt from the Prop. 206 and won't see that $10 per hour wage.

Students like having jobs on campus due to the convenience but their expenses have increased.

A number of businesses around campus have increased menu prices to pay for the mandated wage hike.

For student workers who won't have an extra dollar or two in their pocket, they said it's a big deal.

"We're all college students. We're living paycheck to paycheck. I know I am personally. Every month it's like am I going to have enough money for groceries or whatever," said student Alex Roudebush.

Full-time student Joseph Preiss said he left a campus job and now gets $10 per hour to bag groceries at Fry's.

University officials said options are on the table for how to pay for Prop. 206 so there's still a chance student workers could get a raise in the future. They also said campus jobs offer flexibility and the type of professional growth that workers can't find anywhere else.

But students we talked said they'd still rather make more money.

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