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Free month of group fitness training at High Altitude Fitness 

Throughout the gym's grand opening "Free Group Training Week" celebration, which runs from Jan 30 to Feb 5, anyone who takes a free group training session and brings a friend will score an entire month of complimentary group training and a second month at half the normal rate (starting at $29.99 per month), with no strings attached. 

For more information:

"Free Group Training Week" at High Altitude Personal Training - Paradise Valley
4605 E Cactus Rd, Ste. 2A02 Phoenix, AZ 85032

Who has the best Girl Scout cookie dessert?

Valley chefs are battling it out for the month of February for the top dessert made from Girl Scout cookies. You can vote with your dollars! 

For the fourth year in a row, chefs from some of the state's most popular restaurants will use their culinary prowess to re-imagine one of the beloved flavors of Girl Scout cookies, Do-Si-Dos, Samoas, Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Trefoils, Toffee-tastics and Savannah Smiles into a custom dessert menu item. Each restaurant has agreed to feature its dessert on its menu from February 1 to February 28, 2017, with a portion of the proceeds from each dessert sold directly supporting Girl Scouting in our community.

The participating restaurants, and their creative desserts, are: 

347 Grill at the UltraStar Multi-tainment Center at Ak-Chin Circle
Dessert Designer: Frank Abeyta
Assigned Cookie: Samoas
Dessert: UltraStar Samoa Brownie Parfait
Cost: $3.95 
Details: 16000 N. Maricopa Road, Maricopa; 520-233-2426; 

Char Kitchen + Bar 
Dessert Designer: Peter and Pal Micakaj 
Assigned Cookie: Thin Mints 
Dessert: Chocolate Mousse with Thin Mint Crumble 
Cost: $8
Details: 6107 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale; 480-664-9238;  

Chompie’s All Valley Wide Locations
Dessert Designer: Neal "The Chomper" Borenstein 
Assigned Cookie: Thin Mints 
Dessert: The Mint Cheesecake 
Cost: $5.99
Details: 9301 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale; 480-860-0475; 
4550 E. Cactus Road, Phoenix
9301 East Shea Blvd., Scottsdale
1160 E. University, Tempe
7700 W. Arrowhead Town Center, Glendale
3481 W. Frye Road, Chandler

Dessert Designer: Jada Shiya 
Assigned Cookie: Savannah Smiles 
Dessert: Savannah Smile ice cream
Cost: $3.50/per regular scoop
$3.00/kid's scoop
$4.50/double scoop
$5.50/triple scoop
Info: 5223 N. Central Ave., Phoenix; 602.279.8024; 

Compass Arizona Grill at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix 
Dessert Designer: David Duarte 
Assigned Cookie: Tagalongs 
Dessert: Tagalong Crunch Bar 
Cost: $8
Details:  122 N. 2nd Street, Phoenix; 480-440-3166; 

Coup des Tartes 
Dessert Designer: Ron Pacioni 
Assigned Cookie: Thin Mints 
Dessert: Decadent Thin Mint Chocolate Tarte
Cost: $9
Details: 1725 E. Osborn Road, Phoenix; 602-212-1082; 

Drexyl Modern American 
Dessert Designer: Scott Paget
Assigned Cookie: Tagalongs 
Cost: $11
Dessert: Tagalong Cookie Dark Chocolate Sphere 
Details: 8877 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale; 480-840-1861; 

Flower Child All Locations 
Dessert Designer: Peder Bondhus 
Assigned Cookie: Toffee-tastic 
Dessert: Toffee-tastic Chocolate Pudding 
Cost: $5
Details: 100 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 480-212-0180; 
10460 N. 90th Street, Scottsdale; 480.240.4400
5013 N. 44th Street, Phoenix; 602.429.6222

Fresko Mediterranean Kitchen
Dessert Designer: Janna Harris 
Assigned Cookie: Savannah Smiles
Dessert: Melopita (Greek Honey Cake)
Cost: $4.50
Details: 5033 E. Elliot Road, Phoenix (Ahwatukee); 480-940-3669; 

Jalapeño Inferno All Locations 
Dessert Designer: Terry Craig 
Assigned Cookie: Trefoils 
Dessert: Girl Scout Banana Cream Pie 
Cost: $5
20825 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale; 480.513.8332;  
23587 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale; 480-585-6442

Lumberyard Brewing Company (Flagstaff)
Dessert Designer: Richard Kimball 
Assigned Cookie: Trefoils 
Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake Parfait
Cost: $4.95
Details: 5 S. San Francisco Street, Flagstaff; 928-779-2739;  

Olive + Ivy 
Dessert Designer: Kelli Sappington 
Assigned Cookie: Trefoil
Dessert: Trefoil Cherry Cheesecake Gelato 
Cost: $3.25 per scoop 
Details: 7135 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale; 480-751-2200;  

Proof Canteen at the Four Seasons Scottsdale Resort Troon North 
Dessert Designer: Calena Srutowski 
Assigned Cookie: Do-si-dos
Dessert: Triple Decker Do-si-do Delight
Cost: $10
Details: 10600 E. Crescent Moon Drive, Scottsdale; 480-513-5085;  

Rhythm & Wine 
Dessert Designer: Terry Craig 
Assigned Cookie: Trefoils 
Dessert: Girl Scout Banana Cream Pie 
Cost: $5
Details: Details: 7605 E. Pinnacle Peak Road, Scottsdale; 480-478-6999;  

Rusconi's American Kitchen
Dessert Designer: Dave Rico  
Assigned Cookie: Samoas 
Dessert: Chocolate Chunk Samoa Pecan Pie
Cost: $8
Details: 10637 N. Tatum Blvd., Phoenix; 480-483-0009;

Silver Pine Restaurant at the Little America Hotel (Flagstaff)
Dessert Designer: Vanessa Ronspies
Assigned Cookie: Samoas 
Dessert: Samoa Tiramisu 
Cost: $8
Details: Inside the Little America Hotel at 2515 E. Butler Avenue in Flagstaff; 928-779-7900;

Sorso Wine Room 
Dessert Designer: Paige Murphy  
Assigned Cookie: Thin Mints 
Dessert: #MintHappens Chocolate Mint Cheesecake Mousse 
Cost: $7
Details: 15323 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale; 480-951-4344;  

The Crepe Club 
Dessert Designer: Omar Tarabichi
Assigned Cookie: Tagalongs 
Dessert: Tag-a-Crepe-Along
Cost: $7.95
Details: 2502 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602-956-0087; 

The Henry 
Dessert Designer: Lucia Alferez 
Assigned Cookie: Samoas 
Dessert: Samoa Doughnut with Toasted Coconut Cream Filling 
Cost: $3 per doughnut 
Details: 4455 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix; 602-429-8020;  

The MARKET by Jennifer's Restaurant + Bar
Dessert Designer: Jennifer Russo
Assigned Cookie: Trefoils
Dessert: Twixted Trefoil Bar 
Cost: $10
Details: 3603 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix; 602-626-5050; 

The Thumb 
Dessert Designer: Susan Kolman 
Assigned Cookie: Thin Mints 
Dessert: Minty Oh! 
Cost: $4.25
Details: 9393 E. Bell Road, Scottsdale; 480-513-8186;  

Twisted Grove
Dessert Designer: Christopher Collins 
Assigned Cookie: Tagalongs 
Dessert: T.A.G. (Tagalongs Are Great) Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich
Cost: $5
Details: 8220 N. Hayden Rd. Scottsdale; 480-699-0811; 

To share your own dessert creations or shots of you and your family tasting any of the chefs' creations simply tag any social media posts with #dessertchallenge. 

Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge
February 1-28
Two dozen restaurants across the Valley and Northern Arizona

The hottest products from the Consumer Electronics Show

Jim Barry, the Consumer Technology Association's "Digital Answer Man," shows us the most innovative products from CES®2017, which took place last week and celebrated its 50th anniversary as the global stage for innovation.

For more information, visit Jim Barry's twitter page:

What you need to know about cervical and ovarian cancer

Erin Andrews has a secret diagnosis, talc in baby powder is linked to the 5th leading cancer in women. Dr. Sharon Thompson walks us through what we need to know about cervical and ovarian cancers.

Ovarian cancer 
Ovarian cancer begins in the ovaries. Ovaries are made up of three kinds of cells. Each type of cell can develop into a different type of tumor:

  •     About 22,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year, 14,000 will die from their disease
  •     Absolute risk of ovarian cancer is low: 1 in 75. It accounts for only about 3% of all cancers in women
  •     Ovarian cancer is the ninth most common cancer and the fifth leading cause of cancer death, after lung and bronchus, breast, colorectal,     and pancreatic cancers  
  •     Studies have found an association between talcum powder use and ovarian cancer but an association tells nothing about cause 
  •     There is NO reliable screening test for ovarian cancer
  •     Some women are at a high risk of epithelial ovarian cancer, such as women with BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations, periodic tests to check for     ovarian cancer may be recommended

Cervical Cancer

  •     Cervical cancer used to be the #1 cause of cancer death in women but now is uncommon ~12,000 cases/year
  •     Over the past 40 years, the rate of cervical cancer deaths has decreased by more than 50%, the main reason for the decrease was the         increased amount of detections from Pap tests
  •     Caused by sexually transmitted HPV virus. It takes years to decades for cervical cancer to develop
  •     Changes in cells before cancer occurs can be detected through regular Pap tests. Treatment at this stage can prevent cancer
  •     Most women who get cervix cancer have not seen a doctor in the last 5-10 years.
  •     There is a vaccine available for ages 9-26 to build immunity against 9 types of HPV (2 or three dose regimen)

Racial disparities 

  •     Although cancer deaths have declined for both Whites and African Americans, Blacks continue to suffer the greatest burden for each of         the most common types of cancer. 
  •     For all cancers combined, the death rate is 25% higher for African Americans/Blacks than for Whites


  •     Do Not Smoke
  •     Get an HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine
  •     Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  •     Eat foods with high fiber content.
  •     Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes
  •     Limit your time in the sun and use sun block when you go outside
  •     Limit your number of sexual partners
  •     Have recommended exams and tests
  •     Limit the amount of alcohol you drink

Cervix cancer; Pap test every 3-5 years
Ovarian cancer: 

  •     No routine screening test available
  •     If possible, learn your family history 
  •     Get gene testing if appropriate
  •     Women who are at a high risk due to gene mutations may be advised to get periodic tests by their doctor

More Information

Erin Andrews Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer more deadly than we thought

Talc & ovarian cancer

High calcium low lactose diet may reduce ovarian cancer risk

Central Phoenix Obstetrics and Gynecology 
926 East McDowell Road, #134, Phoenix, AZ 85006
(602) 288-0777

Healthy chips made from fruits & veggies! 

The Fluffy Vegans show us how to make their kale, apple and banana chips. You can find their products at the Uptown Farmers Market in Phoenix on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Check out FluffyVegans at

Uptown Farmers Market
5757 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013
Wednesday and Saturdays

Make wings like the pros for the Big Game

Native Grill & Wings shows us their game-day favorites, including some of their different sauces and dry rubs for chicken wings. 

For more information, visit:

James Arthur Ray

James Arthur Ray, is a motivational speaker who was convicted of negligent homicide, which is an incident that is deemed an accident with loss of life. in the deaths of three participants in a sweat lodge retreat near Sedona. Negligent homicide DOES NOT mean a person intended or wanted to kill anyone.

Ray, says that Sheila Polk is trying to take a negligent act and make it appear intentional.  Her motion accuses James Arthur Ray of committing murder by stating:
1.    "the three people Defendant killed in a reckless pursuit of greed"
2.    "he (James Arthur Ray) extinguished the lives¦"
Then she disregards the jury's decision stating:  
3.    "The fact the convictions were not alleged as 'dangerous' in the judgment is irrelevant to whether or not they are dangerous for purposes of A.RS. 103-907(E)."

James Arthur Ray is being pulled into court January 31, 2017 to fight for his Civil Rights in front of a judge.  He will go up against Sheila Polk who is determined to negatively impact his life. He says that he is being "singled out."

For more information:

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser

For more information on Dr. Jasser and the American Islamic for Democracy visit: