Dozens gather at Sky Harbor Airport to protest Trump's refugee order

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Dozens of people showed up at Sky Harbor Airport Saturday evening to protest President Trump's crackdown on refugees and citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries.

The protesters chanted "No hate. No fear. Refugees are welcome here" and "This is what democracy looks like."

Demonstrators also carried signs that read "No hate" and "No Muslim ban."

The protest was broken up and participants were escorted out, reportedly because the group did not have a permit.

Shortly after 7 p.m., word came in that the ACLU had won an emergency national stay of Trump's refugee ban.

A federal judge granted an emergency stay Saturday to temporarily allow people with valid visas who landed in the U.S. to stay in the country,

The ACLU and other activist groups had filed a class action lawsuit on Saturday, 

We spoke on the phone to the Arizona Executive Director of the ACLU, Alessandra Soler.

She says the local ACLU did not stage at Sky Harbor because members had not heard of any difficulties there.  But if the ACLU receives complaints locally, the organization is "ready to litigate."  Soler says the priority right now is getting out the right information. She wants travelers to know that If you have been granted refugee status or have an active visa, you cannot be detained.

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President Trump had said that his order was "not a Muslim ban."

But on Saturday, confusion, worry and outrage boiled over as airlines blocked people from traveling to the United States and legal challenges were mounted.

Included in Trump's order was a 90-day ban on travel to the U.S. by citizens of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. The U.S. refugee program was suspended for 120-days. Trump's order imposed the most aggressive ban on Syrians, indefinitely blocking entry to the U.S. by anyone from that country, including those fleeing civil war.

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Thousands of protesters took over airports across the United Sates Saturday night in response to Trump's ban. Demonstrations took place in cities including Seattle, New York City, Boston and Seattle.

Another protest is planned for Sky Harbor Airport at 4 p.m. Organizers have started a Facebook page with details about the event. A statement on the page reads:

"Donald Trump's executive action to ban refugees and immigrants from Muslim countries is directly opposed to everything America stands for. We cannot sit quietly while families are torn apart and children suffer because of this administration's blatant xenophobia.

This is not about Republican vs. Democrat. This is about humanity."

Saturday night, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake put out this statement:?

"President Trump and his administration are right to be concerned about national security, but it's unacceptable when even legal permanent residents are being detained or turned away at airports... and ports of entry. Enhancing long-term national security requires that we have a clear-eyed view of radical Islamic terrorism... without ascribing radical Islamic terrorist views to all Muslims."

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