Epic Twitter war: #cuteanimaltweetoff is totally squeeworthy

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There’s a bit of a Twitter war going on and it’ll kill you with its cuteness. Seriously, this is why the #cutenessoverload hashtag exists.

But this is not about #cutenessoverload. Well, it is. But not the hashtag.

Zoos all over the country have been posting the cutest pictures they have of their residents. It’s a tweet-off that has grown to epic proportions, and it’s aptly hashtagged #cuteanimaltweetoff.

That really says it all, but I’m going to tell you a tiny bit more, even though I know you’re dying to click through our slideshow. It's right here, for our app users. We’re not going to leave you out of this.

According to CNN, the #cuteanimaltweetoff started Wednesday when the Smithsonian National Zoo showed off its gray seal pup. I have to say it. That face!

The Virginia Zoo countered with “an otter/osprey.” Naturally the National Zoo fired back with its baby Bornean orangutan.

“Do you fold yet?” the National Zoo's tweet asked.

Nope. The exchange continued. And then it blew up in the best way ever.

Zoos and aquariums all over the country – all over the world, really -- jumped on board with their own photos and the #cuteanimaltweetoff was off and running, much to the delight of Twitter users far and wide. People were absolutely loving it! Because cute animals. Everybody loves cute animals. (If you do not, you have a heart of stone.)

Of course, the Phoenix Zoo got in on the game, and Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo posted, among other adorableness, a baby elephant, or as it said, a “little bit [of] #squee.”

Anyway, theCHIVE has it right. “Animals are the engine that power[s] the internet.” And the #cuteanimaltweetoff proves it.

“When it comes to cute animals, everybody wins,” according to CNN. Yep. No argument here.

If I were you, I’d bookmark this so you have something to cheer up when you're having a bad day.

Thank you for reading. You are now free to click or swipe through the photos. Who am I kidding? I know you already have. Probably twice. Confession: I have, too.

More tweets from the Phoenix Zoo and Reid Park Zoo

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