Phoenix mayor criticizes President Trump's executive orders

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Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (Source: 3TV/CBS 5) Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton lashed out at President Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying his executive actions on immigration threaten to damage his city and the state's economy.

"What he's proposing to do sticks a fork in the eye of our partner, the people, the businesses and the country of Mexico," said Stanton, who is a Democrat.

Last year, Mexico and Arizona did $30 billion dollars in trade, making our southern neighbor the state's No. 1 trading partner. 

It's also estimated that roughly 100,000 jobs in the state are directly linked to trade between Arizona and Mexico. 

Trump moved to tighten the nation's immigration controls Wednesday, signing executive actions to jumpstart construction of the border wall and add 5,000 more border agents.

He also moved to restart the "Secure Communities" program that helped the Obama administration deport more than 409,000 immigrants in 2012. 

Stanton says Arizona will fight the federal government's attempt "to turn the Phoenix Police Department into a mass deportation force."

Gov. Doug Ducey, who is a Republican, has made it a point to forge deeper ties with Mexico.

While the Phoenix mayor wasn't pulling any punches, the Arizona governor wasn't ready to offer any opinions on Trump's actions. 

"I've been outspoken on border security I want to see what the specifics are of this plan we certainly seeing a lot of action coming from Washington D.C. but let's get the details before we comment," Ducey said. 

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