Lab tests in case of missing Buckeye boy finally fast-tracked

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Jesse Wilson (Source: Buckeye Police Department) Jesse Wilson (Source: Buckeye Police Department)

There has been little word lately about the investigation into a missing 10-year-old boy from Buckeye.

Young Jesse Wilson disappeared six months ago. His mother, Crystal Wilson, called Buckeye police on July 18, 2016, to report she had gotten up to find him missing from his bed. 

A massive search effort took place in the weeks that followed. Investigators have not ruled out foul play and the FBI is involved.

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But over the past few months, Buckeye police have offered very few updates on the case, only to say the investigation is ongoing and they are waiting for the results of forensic testing.

Investigators served search warrants on the Wilson home and his mother’s car. But it is unclear what potential items or evidence were sent to the crime lab at the Arizona Department of Public Safety for testing.

According to DPS lab superintendent Vince Figarelli, violent crime cases are generally processed by the lab in three to four months.

“The situation that we’re in is we serve so many different agencies we don’t always know the circumstances of the case with regard to where the investigation is and what they need from us to file charges or move forward with the case. But if they call us and they let us know, hey, we need this quickly, we can always move it to the top,” said Figarelli.

Figarelli said he was bound by confidentiality and could not release details of the case or about his communications with Buckeye police investigators. But after pressing him about the delay in test results and six months having gone by, he did say his office did not receive everything it needed to proceed back in July. He also said a communication breakdown could play a part in the delay.

“Sometimes we’re waiting for standards. Sometimes we’re waiting for permission to consume a sample. There are a number of reasons why we may be waiting or the case may be on hold, waiting for some additional information or permission or samples. I don’t know what part our analysis even plays in the investigation,” said Figarelli.

Figarelli confirmed that Buckeye Police Chief Larry Hall contacted DPS Director Col. Frank Milstead directly, about a month ago, to inquire about the progress of the testing. Milstead was surprised the results had not yet been obtained and ordered his lab to fast-track the case. 

When asked if it should take the head of a police agency to reach out to the director to get forensic results in a timely manner, Figarelli responded, "As I’ve said before, we do not know the details of every case. I don’t know what the investigative details are. We don’t know if they’re waiting on our analysis."

Figarelli said that has been done and completion of testing is not far off.

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