Single mom Pays It Forward to charitable auto shop

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Emily Shy Pays It Forward to Howard Fleischmann. (Source: KPHO) Emily Shy Pays It Forward to Howard Fleischmann. (Source: KPHO)
(Source: KPHO) (Source: KPHO)
Emily Shy (Source: KPHO) Emily Shy (Source: KPHO)
Howard Fleischmann (Source: KPHO) Howard Fleischmann (Source: KPHO)
(Source: KPHO) (Source: KPHO)

Many people dread going to the auto shop to get their car serviced.

So it came as a big surprise for a single mom when her $6,500 bill was on the house.

Emily Shy is a single mom who is doing the best she can but it's not easy while juggling two jobs, school and daycare for her daughter.

On top of that, Emily recently learned her car needed very expensive repairs.

"Without a car that runs I can't do any of it," Shy said. "I can't work, can't take her to daycare. Can't go to my classes ."

You could say Shy could use a break and that's just what she got when she brought her Chevy Blazer over to Community Tire Pros and Auto Repair in Glendale.

Owner Howard Fleischmann instructed his mechanics to fix the vehicle and then charged Shy absolutely nothing.

"It hits our heart because we want to give back to communities and we see where we can make a difference and see where we can actually give somebody a leg up,"  said Howard Fleischmann of Community Tire Pros and Auto Repair.

Fleischmann is one of several car repair dealers in town that have teamed up with a group called Helping Hands for Single Moms.
The organization is devoted to helping single moms stay in college get a job and make sure they have a place to live.

Since 2007, they've provided more than $230,000 worth of auto repairs.

Shy wanted to say thank you so she reached out to CBS 5 to Pay it Forward to Fleischmann.

"I nominated you for the Pay it Forward award and so because you've paid it forward to so many people I just wanted to help pay you back," Shy told Fleischmann.

"You're so sweet," Fleischmann said.

He said he already plans to use the money to help another single mom.

"We feel we can make a difference, feel we can actually change some lives," Fleischmann said.

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