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Andy,from Wildlife World Zoo visits GMAZ Andy,from Wildlife World Zoo visits GMAZ

The Wildlife World Zoo: Chinchilla

Chinchilla Facts:

  • Native to the Andes mountains in South America 
  • Nocturnal
  • 16-20 inches’ long
  • Lifespan 10 years
  • Very sensitive to heat and humidity
  • A chinchilla's teeth never stop growing, they can grow 12 inches a year! 
  • Chinchillas have the softest fur in all of land mammals. Their fur is so soft and luxurious that the first reason why Chinchillas were hunted by the native tribes who lived in The Andes Mountains is not for their meat, but for their fur. 
  • The international trade in chinchilla fur goes back to the 16th century. Their fur is popular in the fur trade due to its extremely soft feel, which is caused by the sprouting of 60 hairs (on average) from each hair follicle. 
  • A single, full-length coat made from chinchilla fur may require as many as 150 pelts, as chinchillas are relatively small.
  • Their use for fur led to the extinction of one species, and put serious pressure on the other two. Though it is illegal to hunt wild chinchillas, the wild animals are now on the verge of becoming extinct because of continued illegal hunting
  • Chinchillas are currently listed as a critically endangered species by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species due to a severe population loss approximated at a 90% global population loss over the last 15 years.
  • Chinchillas use their tail for balance and are high jumpers and prolific climbers! They lived in rocky and mountainous areas, so they are able to jump from high places (about 6 feet). They also use their tail to help them balance as they move and climb from area to area of their mountainous home.
  • A group of chinchillas is called a herd 
  •  Herd sizes can range from 14 members up to 100, this is both for social interaction as well as protection from predators
  • In their native habitats, chinchillas live in burrows or crevices in rocks. 
  • Predators in the wild include birds of prey, skunks, felines, snakes and canines. 
  • Chinchillas have a variety of defensive tactics, including spraying urine and releasing fur if bitten.
  • In the wild, chinchillas have been observed eating plant leaves, fruits, seeds, and small insects.
  • They can breed any time of the year. Their gestation period is 111 days, longer than most rodents. Due to this long pregnancy, chinchillas are born fully furred and with eyes open. Litters are usually small in number, predominantly two
  • The animals instinctively clean their fur by taking dust baths, in which they roll around in special dust made of fine pumice, a few times a week; they do not bathe in water. Without dust bathing they can grow fungus and they can possibly get a skin infection. Their thick fur resists parasites, such as fleas, and reduces loose dander, making chinchillas hypoallergenic.

The Wildlife World Zoo is located at 16501 W. Northern Ave. in Litchfield Park.
For more information on all the zoo's exciting attractions and events, call 623-935-WILD or check out their website  

Local Love: Tytin Fitness/ Club Pump

Tytin Fitness is a personal training studio that focuses primarily on one-on-one, small group, and boot camp styles of training. What separates this personal training studio from other workout facilities is the environment and personalization of each workout. It is never overly crowded because it is just the clients and personal trainers when there is a session. The boot camps are innovative as it incorporates top EDM tracks, LED lights, and a mix of different training techniques to give an overall exhilarating experience that no other studio has to offer. 

Club Pump- 45 minutes of high intensity interval training that incorporates functional training, weight lifting, bodyweight, and plyometrics. Each workout is a full-body workout and introduces new exercises and training styles for any fitness level. 

For more information, visit:

Tytin Fitness
7620 East Mckellips Rd suite 12, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Cross Streets: Miller and Mckellips
(602) 526-8395

The Crepe Club: Second location opening in Gilbert

It started out as a food cart on the campus of ASU, today two Valley brothers open their 2nd location of the Crepe Club. For those looking to satisfy their craving for crepes, you'll find the new spot in Gilbert at the San Tan Village. A grand opening will be held Friday, Jan. 6 where the public can help "cut the ribbon" and sample food and drinks

For more information, visit:

The Crepe Club
At San Tan Village
2268 E. Williams Field Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85295
(near Harkins Theaters)

New baby boutique opens in the East Valley

Looking for adorable baby clothes? A new baby boutique just opened up in Gilbert called Joss + J. 

For more information, visit:

Joss + J
323 S. Gilbert Road Suite 109
Gilbert, AZ 85296
(480) 454-4517

How to secure dressers to the wall

After a scary video released yesterday of a dresser falling on top of twin boys, we visit with Interior Designer Debbie Hernandez of Home Depot who shows us how to secure these big pieces of furniture to safeguard our kids. Thankfully the boys were not seriously injured.

Debbie Hernandez with Home Depot

Bridges Connor gives smart tips for organizing your closet and your kitchen for the new year.

Bridges Connor is a professional organizer who helps her clients get a game plan together to clean up the clutter.  She gives tips on how organize you8r closet.

Closet organization:
1-The flip and fold for perfectly folded shirts
2-A hanger hamper to hold all of your dry cleaning hangers
3-hand bag organizer/storage
4-an open tub to mention the lids off policy
5-shoe organizers
6-velveteen hangers

Kitchen organization: 
1-How to wrangle your Tupperware, 
2-Lazy Susan for those tight corners, 
3-Expandable stair step organizers for spices and canned food, 
4-Tubs for different categories of food, 
5-Organizers for those pesty pot lids 6-Under the sink organizer to utilize that lost vertical space.

For more information, visit: and Facebook:

Chef Mark Tarbell is new host of "Check Please, Arizona"

Mark Tarbell, an award-winning Arizona chef and restaurateur featured on the Food Network's "Iron Chef America," is the new host of Arizona PBS's four-time Emmy-winning series "Check, Please! Arizona." Fans can nominate their favorite eatery for future episodes, view an interactive map of restaurant locations, post reviews of restaurants featured on the show and even obtain recipes at and

Dan Davis explores beautiful parks in Colorado and beautiful countries in Central America on AAA Highroads

This coming week we travel to Estes Park Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park.  This is a year round destination, but winter is easily the most beautiful time.  One of the most fun things we did was take a snowshoe trip with a local guide, and that got us into some of the back country areas that are just stunning.
Next, Saturday, we're headed to Central America and the countries of Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala.  In Costa Rica we had the chance to visit the private home of some folks who properties have become a bit overrun by white face monkeys.  Can these guys fly through the air and they are immensely curious as you can see.  We also stopped on a bridge where crocodiles were busy napping and how's this for beautiful, Toucans and McCaws in their natural setting, which a lot of people think is a Jimmy Buffet concert, but no, they live in the jungle.

AAA presents Highroads with Dan Davis airs Saturdays at 8 pm on Ch. 3.

For more information: