Local Program Helps Clients End a Cycle of Emotional Eating

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Clinical psychologist and eating disorder expert Dr. Julie T. Anne is the co-founder of an eight week program called "The Healthy Weigh Out".  The program, through Scottsdale's A New Beginning eating disorder clinic focuses on the cause of binge and emotional eating, addressing trauma and depression that lead to an unhealthy relationship with food.

The program addresses the emotional pain sparking the cycle through individual and group therapy, teaches the skills required to eat well, and how to add in exercise that is enjoyable and will be a long term lifestyle change. Within weeks, clients say they no longer binge.

26 year old Richard Martin completed The Healthy Weigh Out, and went from 340 pounds to 220.  He says he now realizes he was experiencing depression and used food as comfort.  The program helped him learn to cope with pain or anxiety, rather than to turn to food to feel comfort.  He now has the tools he needs to cope with problems in a healthy way, and maintain his weight without feeling like it is work. He says he was hiding behind his "Big Richie" persona, and now in his healthier body, he feels he can be himself for the first time in a long time.

Dr. Anne says her clients learn to love and accept themselves. A free introductory lecture will be hosted by the program in January called "Inside the Mind of an Emotional Eater", call 480-941-6999 for information.