New 911 calls released in Serial Shooter case

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MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

Several 911 calls linked to the Phoenix Serial Shooter case were released Wednesday by the Phoenix Police Department and one of them is standing out due to a policy violation. 

Five calls were released in total -- all of them related to the July 11 shooting near Oak and 30th streets. A man and his young nephew were shot at while in their car by another man driving by. Both the man and his nephew were OK.

In one of the calls a woman reports hearing five or seven shots. The dispatcher would later ask, "Did you want to speak with an officer?" to which the woman replies, "We do, please."

It's at that point that the dispatcher then tells her, "Actually, we don't come out on that unless you have follow up information but we'll broadcast the shots fired in the area OK?"

By denying the caller's request, the dispatcher slipped up.

"The dispatcher by our policy should have sent somebody out, policy violation, it was corrected she was reminded of our policy," Phoenix police Sgt. Jonathan Howard said.

He went on to say that the error did not affect the integrity of the investigation because the dispatcher did not just dismiss the call.

"What the dispatcher did do, she attached this call to the other four or five that were coming in at the same exact time," Howard said.

One of those other calls was from the victim himself. 

After letting the dispatcher know he'd been shot at and describing the vehicle he also told her the shooter was definitely trying to hit him.

"He was driving around the corner and just literally pulled out a gun and just shot at me while looking at me," the man said.

Howard said due to the number of calls that had come in all around the same time for the same incident, officers were already responding.

"Officers were not only aware, they were dispatched to that area and they did end up making contact with this particular 911 caller," he said.

On average, Howard said Phoenix police get about 20,000 shots-fired calls a year, so they have to prioritize them. 

He said even if an officer isn't sent to a call, dispatchers notify those in the area of what's going on.

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