Valley business owner devoted to helping others

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Jennifer Woods is the owner of Waldo's Warmers and gives to those in need. (Source: CBS 5 News) Jennifer Woods is the owner of Waldo's Warmers and gives to those in need. (Source: CBS 5 News)

Jennifer Woods runs a small business from inside her home in Surprise, but she'll never strike it rich.

And that's just fine with her.

"It would be nice to make the money, but that's not my top concern," said Woods. "It's helping people who need help."

A couple years ago, the west Valley mom found a way to ease her own pain.

Woods suffers from Lupus, a disease that causes extreme aches and discomfort all over her body.

The innovative mom created a homemade heating pad.

"It helps relax my muscles, and helps take pain away so I'm able to fall asleep, and be able to actually interact with my kids and do things," Woods said.

Close friend Mandy Sapp said that Woods was so excited about her invention that she made more, and Waldo's Warmers was born.

But instead of just focusing on sales, Woods gives away many of her warmers and cooling pads to folks in need.

"She'll see moms that are struggling and instead knowing they can't afford the product, she gives them her product," said Sapp. "She doesn't want anybody not to be able to afford pain management."

Sapp contacted CBS 5 to Pay it Forward to Woods.

"I reached out to CBS 5 and for everything you do for your friends and family and community - all the warmers - you never ask for anything in return," Sapp told Woods. "And for that, I reached out to their Pay it Forward program and on behalf of Channel 5, and myself, I'd like to thank you and present you with $500."

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