What’s the faster way to cook a Thanksgiving turkey?

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(Source: PoultryMate.com) (Source: PoultryMate.com)
MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

Looking for a quick way to cook a turkey without spending hours in the kitchen on Thanksgiving?

The PoultryMate may be one solution.

The Chandler inventor, Jeffrey Bickley, says it can cook a 15-pound turkey in less than two hours.

It is a highly conductive bar that uses the heat in the oven to cook your bird from the inside out while the oven is cooking from the outside in.

Using the PoultryMate can help cut cooking time in half compared to traditional roasting times. It can be used with either stuffed or unstuffed turkeys, chickens, geese, ducks or capons. You can get that beautiful, crispy golden brown skin and still have really succulent white and dark meat.

The PoultryMate can also help eliminate problems with stuffing a turkey - either undercooked stuffing, which could lead to salmonella poisoning, or dry breast meat, because the turkey was overcooked trying to eliminate the potential of salmonella poisoning.

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