'Mr. Black Friday' is already camping out in Avondale, earlier than ever

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(Source: KPHO/KTVK) (Source: KPHO/KTVK)

Mr. Black Friday has really outdone himself this year.

Two weeks before the annual shopping bonanza, Jarvis Johnson is already camping outside his favorite Best Buy on 99th Avenue and McDowell. In fact, Johnson – who goes by Mr. Black Friday this time of year – actually set up his tent and camping gear Thursday night.

That’s 336 hours before the doors open.

"It's a mental thing really, to be honest -- like can I do this? It's an uphill battle," he said.

Why go through the trouble? Well, savings aside, Johnson has a reputation to uphold. His man-cave setup drew national attention last year and caught the attention of Best Buy itself. The company paid Johnson to be in Black Friday ad that appeared this month.

Johnson, 26, has camped out for Black Friday every year since 2006. But after his big break last year, Mr. Black Friday decided to up his game – and perhaps capitalize on his newfound name recognition. Instead of just one week of camping, he’s doubling it to two. And he’s not going it alone – he convinced sponsors to give him gear.

Damri MMA and Wadaa Street Tacos gave him canopies for his tent (Wadaa Street Tacos will be serving free tacos here November 18). Rent-A-Center lent him couches. Fry’s gave him a barbecue. Super Pawn gave him a microwave. Daniel’s Total Car Care and the Wells Fargo on 23rd and Northern avenues also provided support, Johnson said.

"Even if nobody got behind me, I would still be out here because that's who I am," he said.

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