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3 On Your Side helps recover $5,100 for October

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Darlene Wells gave $600 to McCade Waite after his hoverboard broke. (Source: 3TV) Darlene Wells gave $600 to McCade Waite after his hoverboard broke. (Source: 3TV)
Jeanne Stewart had an issue with her late husband's headstone that 3 On Your Side resolved. (Source: 3TV) Jeanne Stewart had an issue with her late husband's headstone that 3 On Your Side resolved. (Source: 3TV)
Teri Yount accidentally sent $737 to a stranger but 3 On Your Side was able to get her money back. (Source: 3TV) Teri Yount accidentally sent $737 to a stranger but 3 On Your Side was able to get her money back. (Source: 3TV)

3 On Your Side was happy to help out a viewer named Jeanne Stewart. 

She lost her husband to cancer about a year ago, and since then, she's been battling Phoenix Memorial Park and Mortuary where her husband was laid to rest. 

"It just hurts," Stewart told 3 On Your Side, crying. “It's just like (pause) I can't say it."

The issue is her husband's headstone. Stewart says a temporary burial marker has been on his grave for a year while the permanent headstone that she paid nearly $3,000 for was being fabricated.

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However, a full year later, that permanent headstone has never been put in place.

That is until 3 On Your Side got involved. 

We got a hold of Phoenix Memorial Park and Mortuary, and when we did, they immediately installed the permanent headstone and even refunded Stewart the $3,000 she paid for it. 

3 On Your Side appreciates the mortuary’s quick response and refunding Stewart her money.

Stewart says she owes it all to 3 On Your Side. 

"Thank you very, very much to 3 On Your Side. It is the best, and it's a beautiful marker. It's perfect," Stewart said.

3 On Your Side also helped out a viewer by the name of Teri Yount. She's a horse lover and paid her horse trainer $747 by using a Chase bank app called QuickPay which transfers money by simply typing in a person's phone number.

Unfortunately, though, Yount typed in the wrong number and instead of transferring money to her trainer, it was deposited into a stranger's account tied to the incorrect phone number. And to make matters worse, Yount says she couldn't get Chase to reverse the transaction.

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So, 3 On Your Side got involved, and when we did, Chase returned all of Yount’s $747 back to her account. This was not a Chase mistake or issue, and they didn’t have to return the money like they did. So, 3 On Your Side appreciates that. 

Yount credits 3 On Your Side for making it happen. 

"Gary Harper came out on a Thursday, and by Tuesday, the money was back in the bank. So, it's like a miracle I guess, so thanks 3 On Your Side," Yount said. 

And finally, there's 14-year-old McCade Waite. He paid $600 for a hoverboard but when it broke he took it back to the store where he bought which agreed to fix it under warranty.

However, the store immediately shut down keeping McCade's board and his $600 he paid.

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A viewer named Darlene Wells saw that report and said she wanted to help 3 On Your Side get McCade's money back.

"My grandkids are almost 10 and 16, and I know if this happened to them I'd be like I have to find this money somehow for them," Wells said.

So, she drove to our studio and handed me six $100 bills to give to McCade. 

3 On Your Side took the money and went straight to his house to hand it over. When we did, he couldn't believe it, and it all started with a 3 On Your Side report. 

“Thank you!" the ecstatic teenager told us. “It's like so generous! And nice! You didn't even know me! That's crazy, like oh my gosh, thank you so much!"

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Wells told 3 On Your Side that the original news report inspired her to do something. And even though she says donating $600 will financially a little hurt this month, she knew it was the right thing to do.

As a result, 3 On Your Side helped get $5,164 during the month of October.  And when you add up the entire year to date amount, 3 On Your Side has helped recoup $157,118

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