Navy vet, wife surprised by Arizona's Family Surprise Squad

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The recipient of the first of the Arizona's Family Surprise Squad's "20 Surprises in 20 Days" was moved to tears. (Source: 3TV) The recipient of the first of the Arizona's Family Surprise Squad's "20 Surprises in 20 Days" was moved to tears. (Source: 3TV)
Hugs for everyone! (Source: 3TV) Hugs for everyone! (Source: 3TV)
(Source: 3TV) (Source: 3TV)
The new fridge from The Home Depot! (Source: 3TV) The new fridge from The Home Depot! (Source: 3TV)
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Arizona's Family Surprise Squad is on the move again.

We’re all guilty of sitting in in front of the fridge, wondering what we might want while Mom is in the back yelling, "Close that refrigerator door!" 

Well, what if you didn’t have a refrigerator?

That was the situation one West Valley family was facing. Making matters worse? The dad, a Navy veteran, is dealing with some health issues that require a slew of medication, all of which need to be kept cold. That's not easy when you do not have a fridge. The family has been using an ice chest to keep everything cold.

Leeann nominated her mom, Noreitta, for a surprise.

"My mom's refrigerator went out three months ago. She can't afford to buy one," Leeann said in her letter to Arizona's Family Surprise Squad. "She doesn't need anything expensive, just as long as she doesn’t have to live out of ice cooler.

"She not only needs one to keep my brother’s diabetic medications cool, but my dad’s meds cold, too," Leeann continued. "She can’t keep using an ice chest because it makes the meds go bad. Along with losing food all the time, she has over $2,500 in medical bills each month that she’s trying to keep up on. She's really in need of help."

Arizona's Family Surprise Squad showed up at her front door to ask how we could help.

"I need a new life! My refrigerator went bad" Noreitta told us.

At that moment, Home Depot rolled up the new fridge.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I don't believe you!" an ecstatic Noreitta screamed.

I asked how the fridge will help her and her family.

"I'm going to be able to have food that's not going to spoil," she explained. "I have stuff I put in one day and pull it out the next day and it's got mold on it because it's too warm."

But the surprise didn’t stop with the refrigerator.

The Arizona's Family Surprise Squad team walked in groceries to fill up that new fridge and a $250 gift card to help with the numerous prescriptions the family has to fill each month.

"I just can’t believe it. I’m in awe," Noreitta said. "I just can’t believe it's happening to me. You guys are amazing. I don't believe this. I feel like I’m in a dream."

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