Ghost hunters reach for 'other side'

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Jay and Marie Yates say they became ghost hunters because of their own experiences with the supernatural. 

"We've learned to live in the balance between both the living and the dead," said Jay. "I thought they were gonna kill me, I thought I was gonna die as a child I literally thought I was going to be killed by these things."

Jay said his haunting started when he was a child.

"To the point to even waking me up in the middle of the night, touching me, just trying to get my attention. They had a message to provide to the living."

Marie didn't believe in ghost stories then, she says, things started happening to her son.

"And he'd be like no, you have to help me get Nicholas away from that snake and I'm like what do you mean snake."

Hauntings involving a strange person and a snake? Marie didn't see it or believe it, at first. But Jay did.

[Online: Yates Family Haunting]

"When he started coming around, he actually started seeing Nicholas and snake in the house as well. That's when I started doing some research and found out there was a gentleman that actually drowned a little boy in the bathtub in the apartment we were living in," said Marie.

Marie said it was scary and hard to make sense of.

"I was scared of my home I would literally pack up my kids and I would not stay at the house anymore."

At some point, we all may try to explain the unexplainable.

For Jay and Marie, it has become a full-time job.

Video of one of their ghost hunts clearly shows lights going on and off when Marie asks this question.

"If you're the one that touched my back make something go off!"

The couple believes ghost hunting makes them susceptible to spirits.

The Yates say some of their experiences include doors opening and shutting, hearing voices and even seeing people appear and disappear.

But they say doing what they do has helped them cope with situations they may come across.

"We learned to walk through the days now where ok, the door might slam you know what, I’m not gonna show it fear," said Marie.

The couple is well-known in the paranormal community.  They've been featured on several reality TV shows.

They hear stories of other people hauntings and want to help.

Jay and Marie know there are skeptics despite what their equipment detects.

But they said they approach every case with a critical eye.

"Obviously we're looking to debunk things. I mean some things can be naturally explained, leaky faucets, plumbing, knocking noises coming from trees or brushing against the house. Those are all natural causes that we're looking for initially to really determine whether or not we can put them at ease by saying ‘hey look this is all it was, not a big deal’. And half that time that's all it is, simple things like this," said Jay.

But sometimes, Jay says, it’s not something that’s naturally explained.

"And then if we do catch anything, they're like ok that's great you caught the ghost on camera of what I've been seeing for so many years, I’m not crazy but then they're always left with, then what? And that's where us being haunted survivors ourselves and us learning how to live in the balance of both the living and the dead it definitely helps bring them at ease."

It's a world not everyone can relate to but for those who are curious, the Yates warn to be careful.

"If you're trying to communicate, be careful because you might actually reach the other side and they might reach back!"

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