Maryvale moms encouraging calls to help serial shooter investigation

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(Source: KPHO/KTVK) (Source: KPHO/KTVK)

A group of Maryvale moms is taking action against the threat of a serial shooter in their neighborhood.

The Estrella Super Moms are encouraging the Maryvale community to pick up the phone if they see something suspicious.  More specifically, block watch member Rosa Menjivar is telling families to call police if they simply see a car in their neighborhood that does not look familiar.

"Basically you know what your neighbor's car looks like, and if it doesn't belong, please call because we can make a difference," says Manjivar.  "I don't want to hear anymore that oh Maryvale is such a terrible place.  We can have a beautiful neighborhood as parents, as neighbors, as friends, as families if we do something about it."

Menjivar says the community is concerned about the serial street shooter investigation, and the topic comes up often in monthly block watch meetings at Estrella Junior High.

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The push for information is coming from within a community that has not always felt comfortable communicating with police.  Menjivar says the block watch has worked to create an environment where there are no excuses to stay silent.  The group works with a bilingual Phoenix Police officer.

Phoenix police released 911 tapes related to the serial shooter investigation this week to generate more leads.  Sgt. Jonathon Howard said Friday the agency had not yet received "significant" tips or leads.  

Anyone with information is urged to call police or 480-WITNESS.

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