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Egg Splatters on Your House
Egg can damage some surfaces in just a few hours, and once it dries, it's hard to remove and rotting egg smells really awful. Hose off the gooey mess with a strong stream of cold water ASAP. Use a pressure washer if you own one. To remove drying or dried egg, soak a cloth in a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water and wipe or scrub the egg off. Using a nylon bristle brush will help. Cover stubborn spots with a cloth saturated with the same mixture for 15 minutes, holding it in place on vertical surfaces by leaning a board or stick against the rag. Then use the hose and your vinegar-soaked rag to remove the softened mess. For stubborn yellow yolk stains, dab on a natural enzyme-based laundry spot remover and let it work for 15 minutes before rinsing the stain off well. Remember, never use hot water on egg, it will cook it on.  If it is necessary to paint any areas, always stain-kill (prime) first with a product such as KILZ™ so you don't get any stain bleeding through the new paint.

Toilet Paper in Your Trees
Wet toilet paper is the worst to remove from trees. So wait until the sun evaporates dew, or, if rain is predicted, start removal right away. Use a rake to grab and pull the TP down, a leaf blower to blast it, or a telescoping grabber to pull it. Start at the top and work your way down. Throw paper away as you go, leaving it on your lawn can smother grass. Another suggestion is using a long pole, or telescoping pole, with duct tape wrapped around it (Sticky Side Out) that will "grip" the toilet paper so you can pull it down. Sometimes it's best to allow the toilet paper to wrap around the duct tape first, and then pull it down. If you use this method, use care to stay away from power lines. Electricity can literally jump from the high voltage lines to a metal or wooden pole if you get too close!

How to Remove Pumpkin Stain from a Porch or Concrete
Try spraying the area with oven cleaner. Spray with the cleaner and allow to sit minutes, then agitate with a brush and rinse well. Do this on a cool day.

How To Remove A Pumpkin Stain From A Wooden Table Top
If a pumpkin is sitting on a wooden surface without something under it, the pumpkin will start decomposing and leave a moldy residue marking the wooden surface. 

First, be sure to put a plate or something else under the pumpkin to keep this from happening. Here's what to do if you do any up with a mess. Dampen a cleaning cloth with warm water. Squirt a small amount of toothpaste onto the cleaning cloth. Rub into a circular motion until the stain begins to lift, checking the progress regularly.  Polish the surface with your regular furniture polish or you can make your own non-toxic furniture polish. If the stain does not come off, work in some non-gel toothpaste with a damp cloth.  Work in a circular motion and then work more in working with the grain of the wood. Rinse off with a damp cloth, dry and then re-polish the table. NOTE:  It is possible that a permanent dark discoloration may be left depending on the type of wood and how long it was sitting there.

Stubborn Hair Color Spray Stains
If you spray the kids' hair (or yours) with a color that won't come out, simply mix shampoo and baking soda into a paste and work it in. The baking soda will help to remove the color. Rinse and condition.

Removing Glitter Makeup or Heavy Dark or Florescent Makeup
Baby wipes are an easy and quick way to start getting the makeup of and you can throw them away. To completely remove the makeup use petroleum jelly to clean faces gently and remove all traces of makeup.  Gently work in the petroleum jelly and then remove with tissue. Wash gently with soap and warm water to remove the petroleum jelly. 

Removing Body Glue
Most glues can be removed from skin using oil. If you used a pretty small amount, often it can just be peeled off. If not, use a cotton pad to apply some baby oil or alcohol. You may need to hold it on the skin to "soak" the glue for a minute or two before it breaks down enough to wipe off.

Removing Stains From Skin
These methods are effective for all types of makeup, fake blood, and more. Certain types of makeup will leave some color on your skin even after you remove them. You can make a paste with baking soda and water to remove the pigment. 

Baking soda can make your skin dry so rinse well and apply lotion when you finish.
If you need to remove stains from a large area of skin, toothpaste is a milder alternative that won't irritate your skin. Just apply it to the stain and scrub lightly until it comes off, then rinse with cool water. Shaving cream is also great for taking stains off skin, especially on larger areas or sensitive skin.

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