Ruling: Don't end parental rights due to 1 lapse of watching

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(Source: Andriy Popov via 123RF) (Source: Andriy Popov via 123RF)

An Arizona court has overturned a judge's decision to sever a father's parental rights for his young daughter, saying the judge went too far by basing his decision on a single incident involving lack of supervision.

A three-judge panel of the Arizona Court of Appeals' division in Tucson said it sides with courts in other states that an isolated instance of a parent's failure to supervise would rarely justify termination of parental rights.

However, the Arizona court cautioned that it's not establishing a "hard and fast rule" on the issue.

The case involved a 6-year-old girl who got ill after finding and eating mushrooms while she was playing outside at the apartment complex of her father, who had joint legal custody of the girl with his former wife.

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