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Consumers claim 'chemical-free' pool product doesn't work

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Jessica Yocom was unhappy with the "chemical-free" product that was sold to her for $2,400. (Source: 3TV) Jessica Yocom was unhappy with the "chemical-free" product that was sold to her for $2,400. (Source: 3TV)

Maintaining a beautiful, crystal clear pool can take time, work and chemicals.

That's why some consumers say they spent thousands of dollars on a chemical-free product that they now claim does not work.

"I'm loving the weather here. Some people thought we were nuts for moving to Arizona,” Cynthia Hunt said.

With the help of an interpreter, Hunt explained how excited she and Jessica Yocom were when they recently bought a home that had a swimming pool.

And they were even more thrilled when found out they might be able to maintain their pool without using any chemicals.

“He claimed to have a chemical-free cleaning system, and that intrigued us because we have a son, and he loves to swim and open his eyes,” says Yocom. 

That "chemical-free system" is put out by a local company called Pureion, which also goes by Pureion Wave.

In fact, the inventor of the product even pitched his idea on a 3TV morning news segment.

“When I saw that I thought,'This has to be legit,'” says Yocom. 

So Yocom and Hunt decided to give the system a try and paid $2,400 for the Pureion Wave.

And why not? The women claim they were told there was a money back guarantee.

“I thought, with a 30-day, money back guarantee, I have nothing to lose. I thought why not give it a try,” says Yocom. 

But when the CEO Rob Richards came out to install the product, the women say they were shocked. 

“We immediately saw and said, 'What is that? That's a jug it doesn't look like anything like what you have on your website.' He said, 'No, this is the way to go. It's been proven. You’ll see. It'll work,'” says Yocom. 

The women say what they got for $2,400 looked like a plastic milk container hooked to some hoses.

The women tell 3 On Your Side not only does the product not resemble what they saw on the news segment but they also say it just doesn't work.

“It didn't work. The first day we had bubbles coming out of our pool where it used to be shooting water out of the pop-ups.”

So, the women resorted to that money back guarantee they claim they were told.

“We said we want a refund, and he ignored us for a couple of days. 'He said, 'No, no, no we won't do that until we figure out the problem.' We said we don't want to figure out any more problems. It's been three days and $2,400, and we're not happy,” says Yocom.

That refund never happened and Yocom and Hunt aren't the only ones complaining about the Pureion Wave.

So is Dave Adams.

“It's never worked from day one, and he refuses to refund my money,” says Adams. 

Adams says he's had the Pureion system for a year and has consistently asked for a refund because he claims the system has never worked.

“I've never before had algae and now you just installed your system and I have algae,” Adams said.

Adams says he took a video of Rob Richards of Pureion showing up at his house to add a bag of baking soda to resolve his algae problem instead of returning the money. 

Adams says he's furious that he spent around $2,000 for the system.

“What I'm holding here basically is a $2,000 algae machine because all I got after this was installed was a bunch of algae in my pool,” says Adams. 

Richards agreed to meet with 3 On Your Side and says he stands by the Pureion Wave, which he has now re-branded "The Septor 7."

“We balance pH, we manage alkalinity and algae,” Richards said.

Richards says his company offered money-back guarantees a few years ago, but not anymore.

“That was over two years ago. We don't even make that system any longer, the version, that model and we no longer offer a money back guarantee. We offer a lifetime warranty,” Richards said.

A lifetime warranty? These consumers say it feels like it will take a lifetime to get their pool looking like it should.

“It's a jug of acid that he drilled into our pump. That's what it is. I wouldn't call it a system. I am very upset, and I hope no one else has to go through this,” says Yocom. 

So, in the end, the company says it will not refund any money and says it has plenty of happy customers who have working systems.

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