Medium Allison DuBois shares thoughts on missing boy, the election, and year of endings

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One of the country’s most well-known mediums visited with us in-studio Wednesday morning to share her unique perspective on some things happening in the world right now, including the presidential election, and the case of a missing Buckeye boy.

Allison Dubois, who was born in Phoenix and graduated from ASU, has used her psychic abilities over the years to assist law enforcement officials in solving crimes.

She has consulted on many criminal cases but is not currently working on the case of Jesse Wilson, the Buckeye boy who’s been missing from his home for weeks.

However, we wanted to know her personal thoughts on the case of the 10-year-old boy.

“What I can say, publicly, is that he didn’t leave on his own,” she says. “I don’t see this as a runaway case.” She also says that she hopes Jesse’s siblings will be more forthcoming with any information that they might know.

We also asked DuBois about the large number of celebrity deaths so far this year. She says it likely has to do with numerology.

“In numerology, if you add up the numbers in 2016, it totals ‘9.’ A 9 year is a year of endings,” she says. “It’s why everybody is feeling so depressed right now. You’re watching the establishments and governments around the world fall. You’re watching our icons go away. People are dying; divorces are happening."

“The reason it hurts so much now is because we’re cleaning house and taking inventory of our life," she continued.

But she also says there are good endings, like the ending of bankruptcies, foreclosures and bad relationships.

But for folks feeling blue, she says don't despair. "If you’re feeling depressed the reason is global."

DuBois also has some good news, looking forward.

"2017 is a year of new beginnings and learning from past mistakes," she says. "It's going to get better. Hang in there."

Of course, we had to ask her about her thoughts on the presidential election.

"I have an opinion," she laughed. But she wouldn't say much more than that. "I think it’s a matter of who gets the last pot-shot in before everybody gets to vote.

DuBois will be co-chairing the Debbie Gaby Catwalk event Oct. 11 to raise funds for Homes For Our Troops, which benefits post 9/11 veterans. She also hosting a Mother's Day seminar next May.

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