Arizona's awful, terrible, rotten opinion of Trump and Clinton

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(Source: The Associated Press) (Source: The Associated Press)
MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

He's heartless.

She's a liar.

He's unfit for office and she's only in it for herself.

Welcome to the 2016 presidential election where Arizona voters have a no-good, terrible, rotten opinion of the top two contenders for commander-in-chief.

According to a new CBS/YouGov poll, half of the state's voters described Republican Donald Trump as "insensitive." And less than half (39 percent) believe he's prepared for the job.

On the other hand, voters were just as unkind to the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The same poll shows 63 percent of Arizonans believe she "tries to do things for herself and her political friends." And when it comes to honesty, 71 percent say "truth" is not a word they'd use to describe the former secretary of state.

Perhaps this is why Arizona voters are split, with Trump holding a slight lead over Clinton -- 42 percent to 40 percent -- three months ahead of Election Day.

Typically, Arizona is a political lay-up for Republicans, having only gone Democrat in presidential elections twice in 68 years.

The last time was 1996 when Bill Clinton rolled to a second term, the first flip phone went on sale and the last time the Dallas Cowboys won a Super Bowl.

But low opinions of the two candidates have transformed the reliably red Grand Canyon State into a battleground for the first time in 20 years.

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake also believes there's another reason: Donald Trump.

Over the weekend the state's junior senator warned that Clinton could end up winning here because of Trump's harsh immigration rhetoric.

"You can't win Arizona when you make statements like that and you offend a large and growing demographic needlessly," he said on  CBS's weekly political talk show Face the Nation.

He may have a point.

Over the years, Hispanics have played a larger role in presidential politics, accounting for nearly one-fifth of Arizona voters four years ago.

Currently, this group of voters holds Trump in very low regard. Some surveys in other states show Trump polling in the teens with Latinos.

And right now Arizona Hispanic groups are running a massive Hispanic voter outreach program with a goal of registering 72,000 new voters this year.

With Trump's poor showing among Hispanics, it’s a fair assumption that many of these new voters will not be voting for the New York businessman.

Still, that registration effort is far from reaching its goal.

"So right now we're over 20,000, about 22,000," said Alejandra Gomez, the executive director of Living United for Change in Arizona. 

That's 50,000 below the target number, meaning the organization will have to sign up more than 800 new voters a day between now and the Oct. 10 registration deadline. (Click here to register to vote online.)

But there are roughly a dozen groups working together on the project.

Given that, Gomez says they are on track.

But given the low opinions of the candidates, Hispanics, like other voters, may choose to stay home in November or vote for a third party.

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