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3OYS helps recoup $19K for July

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3 On Your Side was happy to help out a Marine veteran who had an ongoing battle with a lending company called Santander.

John Cruz said he was having some financial problems recently and couldn't make his car payment. So, an organization that supports Marines made not one but two car payments totaling $677 and the check went straight to Santander.

"It's an awesome organization, they were so quick to help," Cruz said. "I contacted them one week and the next week they were like, 'OK, I'm mailing out the check,'" Cruz said.

But even though the check was deposited, Santander claims it never received the check and demanded to be paid again.

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However, once 3 On Your Side got involved, things changed. Santander investigated and discovered the company applied the $677 to the wrong account. The finance company apologized and Cruz and his wife say they owe it all to 3 On Your Side.

"It happened very quickly," Cruz said. "I was very surprised that within a day of you emailing them and you contacting them, that I had received a phone call that everything had been fixed."

3 On Your Side also managed to help out Kathy Roe and her 84-year-old mom. They were ripped off by an unlicensed contractor who abandoned their backyard remodeling project after being paid.

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The owner of a licensed and reputable company called Advant-Edge Decorative Curbing and Landscaping saw that 3 On Your Side report and was so furious that someone would take advantage of these two women, that his company put in a $15,000 backyard for free.

Artificial grass, lighting, plants, a firepit and labor were all free. The women were ecstatic and say it all happened because of a 3 On Your Side report.

And, finally, Kat Hoffman is another viewer 3 On Your Side helped. She moved from Georgia to Prescott so she could learn to fly and get her pilot's license.

However, the moving company hired to transport all of her goods never arrived and three months later, no one at the company could tell her where her family's stuff was.

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That's when 3 On Your Side got involved. Not only did we find her items in Georgia, we got the moving company to immediately deliver everything and it even waived the $864 balance that Hoffman owed.

The broker who orchestrated the move also returned $709 to Hoffman for causing such a mess.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much, we got our things back," Hoffman said. "My family and I are and will be forever grateful to you for your help in this particular situation. It means so much. Thanks, 3 On Your Side."

When you add up all the money 3 On Your Side was able to recoup or save our viewers, it comes to $19,250 for the month of July.  And for the year so far, the total is up to $102,883.

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