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Coast-to-Coast Job Fair

Coast-to-Coast Career Fairs will be holding a Job Fair in Phoenix on July 25th at Holiday Inn Phoenix Airport. 100's of Jobs will be available from; Sales, Marketing, Law Enforcement, Customer Service, Administrative, Accounting, Financial Services, Banking, Retail, Insurance and more.

Anyone looking for work in the Phoenix area is encouraged to attend this FREE event.  The event starts at 11:00 AM and ends at 2:00 PM. Coast-to-Coast Career Fairs will also have a career expert onsite who will be providing FREE resume critique.

Phoenix Job Fair
July 25, 2016
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Holiday Inn & Suites Phoenix Airport
3220 South 48th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85040

For more information, go to 

Dutch Bros & Ryan House

It is time to Shake it for Ryan House at all Dutch Bros Phoenix-area locations from Monday, July 25 to Sunday, July 31. Dutch Bros will donate $1 from every Dutch Frost sold throughout the duration of the week to Ryan House.

Ryan House is a local non-profit that offers world-class respite and end of life care to children with life-threatening conditions. Ryan House offers truly unique services. Children are able to participate in activities that nurture family relationships, as well as receive the care they need in a comfortable, welcoming environment that feels like home.

To find a location near you, please visit:
For more information about Ryan House, please visit or call (602) 200-0767, option 3.

Halle Heart Children's Museum 

Childhood obesity starts children on the path to health problems that were once confined to adults, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. 

There are eight main exhibit areas in the museum focusing on everything from the mechanics of the human heart to the benefits of exercise to the dangers of tobacco. The museum also has its own kitchen and model grocery store that helps teach kids how to make smart food choices.

The Museum is a unique backdrop for many classes for both adults and children, as well as special events year round including meetings, birthday parties, training and corporate receptions.

2929 S. 48th St. 
Tempe, AZ  
For more information on hours, admission cost and/or special activities, visit or call (602) 414-2800. 

Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery/ Calendar

We know our Kilt Girls® are what makes Tilted Kilt such a great place to be, that's why we have a yearly Bikini Calendar featuring Kilt Girl® models from all across the United States and Canada. 

We know you'll only read the calendar for the scenery, but don't overlook these sexy models in designer swimwear! Beautiful models fill this yearly calendar and are sure to keep things interesting all year long. Your walls will thank us! Check out today or visit your nearest Tilted Kilt and pick up your copy today! 


Motivational Monday: Pulse

Pulse Fitness
19120 N Pima Rd. Suite 100, Scottsdale AZ 85255

Fads and Trends in Women's Health

Google and the Internet give you, and your friends, volumes of information and lab tests in the pharmacy make self-diagnosing seem easier. 
Diagnosis is not treatment and some common conditions do require prescription medications for adequate treatment. 
Your health care provider is still your expert (4-12 years of training do make a difference). 

Over cleaning and grooming: 
The vagina is self-cleaning and discharge is a normal part of this process.
No needs for soaps, lotions, wipes deodorants or perfumes. Just water and washing once daily are sufficient.
To each her own when it comes to grooming or not grooming pubic hair. 

  • Be careful what you use, razor blades can cause trauma, creams and gels can cause mild chemical burns, all can result in ingrown hairs, inflammation of hair follicles, skin reactions.
  • Sixty-two percent of a nationally representative sample of 3,316 women said they opted for complete removal of their pubic hair at least once; 84 percent reported some grooming.
  • While going bare and nearly bare may look good to your partner or in your swimsuit, here is no health reason for it and there are downsides.
  • Pubic hair actually serves a function by protecting the area from bacteria. 
  • Be mindful of messages sent to preteens and young women by moms and adult women, such as severely modifying their bodies in the name of hygiene. 

We are increasingly becoming a culture of perfection.
Perfect makeup, spanks generated shapes, waist trainers, genital grooming, social behavior these things are hard on adult women but especially damaging to young people, both boys and girls.
A recent Weight Watchers study revealed that one in seven of the women studied criticized their appearance at least one a day. Weight and appearance were the most prevalent topics, making up 13 of 20 of the criticisms. Psychologists have suggested a strong link between self-judgment and eating disorders.


  •     No action or behavior is too risqué, shameful, outlandish to share with your health care provider. 
  •     Make sure you select a provider that you can have a long-term, professional relationship with an open rapport. 
  •     Keep looking until you find "Dr. Right." You have to be comfortable disclosing:
  •     Sexual activity and choices (including the number of partners you really have)
  •     Substances you are using
  •     Medications that you are taking (whether or not they were prescribed to you)
  •     Questions or concerns that you have (even if you think they are embarrassing or silly, they are important)
  •     Pain you are experiencing or symptoms you are experiencing, especially if it is during intercourse or your menstrual cycle
  •     Changes in body functions
  •     Family's history of health issues (including substance use and mental health disorders)

Things That We Are Not Concerned About, But You Are: 

  • Shaving your legs to be honest, we are not thinking about your legs during an exam.
  • Your smell most healthy women don't have one that other people notice.
  • Life choices we will provide all the various options regarding your health and fertility, but again, we will not judge you or the decisions that you make. We are a source of information.
  • Relationship status we ask you about relationship/sexual history to guide screening and treatment needs. 
  • Skipping Your Annual Visits: 

Experts have various opinions on how often you should see your health care provider.

  •     Most women no longer need a PAP test each year, however, some still do.
  •     The annual visit is about more than the PAP test.
  •     Make sure your provider knows your current state of health.

Central Phoenix Obstetrics and Gynecology, 
926 East McDowell Road, #134, Phoenix, AZ 85006
(602) 288-0777 

Nikki's Wives w/ Celo Green at the Crescent Ballroom

To purchase tickets and for more information on Nikki's Wives, please visit:

For more information, please visit:

LUCA Magazine

LUCA Magazine is dedicated to the positive influence and education of teens ages 12 through 21. We empower teens to live with confidence, boldness, and the courage to make good choices. Our fashion and beauty stories are forward thinking, world-class, and appropriate. We encourage self-worth by inspirational, uplifting content in all areas of the publication. During the ages of 12 to 21, we make the choices that will ultimately shape the rest of our lives. It's a critical time of learning and discovering. 

LUCA Magazine is a positive, relevant resource that can help teens to overcome adversity, embrace their uniqueness and inspire others to give back to our communities and to the world during this important growth period. 
Teens will feel connected, and excited to be a part of the LUCA brand. They will then share the message with their friends, and the movement will continue to flourish. LUCA Magazine is not for teens, it IS teens. It's their voice, their needs, and their dreams.

LUCA Magazine is every girl's voice, needs, and dreams. We educate, inspire, and help our audience to not only see the good around them, but their own goodness. The word "LUCA" means, "Bringer of Light, and that's precisely what we do. 

Our vision is to become a powerful advocate of teens. We will be an essential resource where teens go to feel heard, inspired, built up, and entertained in a positive environment. We will also become the leader among other esteemed teen publications as we grow as a media company as well as a publication.

Luca Magazine
Phone: 623-335-5404
Instagram: @lucamagazine
Twitter: @luca_magazine
FB: @mylucamagazine

Mad Libs Tour

Mad Libs is going on the road for 6 weeks, visiting national parks, sports events, festivals, state fairs, even the World's Biggest Ball of Twine, in search of American's Favorite Adjective! A comedian, Annie Claffey, and videographer, Abhay Sofsky, will travel the country with the car interviewing adults and kids at the various tour stops, and doing Mad Libs along the way. The car will be in Phoenix on July 25 and available to come to you!.

Keep up to date on the road with the MadLibs Facebook and twitter pages.