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Opex Fitness

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7/11 Day

Each year on July 11, the world's largest convenience store retailer commemorates its birthday. This year marks 7-Eleven's 89th, as well as its iconic frozen beverage, Slurpee's 50th birthday. In honor of the event, participating 7-Eleven stores across the nation will give fans around the country a free SMALL Slurpee drink from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (local time), while supplies last.

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Cord Blood Awareness Month

  •     Blood is collected from umbilical cord after baby is born
  •     It is a source of stem cells which can be used to treat diseases 
  •     Stem cells offer promise of treating diseases from heart attacks to Alzheimer's

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Christopher's Celebrates Bastille Day with Week Long Tasting Menu of French Classics

Put that champagne on ice, because it's almost Bastille Week and no one knows how to break out the bubbly and the region's best French fare quite like Chef Christopher Gross.

The Phoenix eatery and its James Beard award-winning chef will launch a special three-course, prix-fixe menu Monday, July 11 -Sunday, July 17, 2016, where guests can anticipate an extraordinary dinner filled with French-themed delicacies in honor of the 227th anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille. Bastille Day, which many consider the catalyst of the French Revolution, is set for Thursday, July 14.
The three-course meal is available for $44 pp++ and features an abundance of flavorful favorites designed to please all diners, regardless of one's familiarity with French fare. Highlights include Mousse of Scallops with Lobster Sauce, Torchon of Sweetbreads and Foie Gras with Black Brioche, Hanger Steak with Shallots and Roasted Garlic, Pear Tarte Tatin, among many other offerings. Wine pairings can also be added to each course for $20 per person, and all couples who attend Christopher's Bastille Week celebration will receive a house-baked baguette they can take with them following the meal.
Bastille Week is a historically popular time at Christopher's, so don't miss this chance to enjoy a taste of the Phoenix New Times' "Best French Restaurant, 2015" by making a reservation at (602) 522-2344 today.  

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Christopher's and Crush Lounge, located inside the Biltmore Fashion Park. 2502 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ.
For reservations call (602) 522-2344 and mention "Bastille Week" menu

5 Tips and Tricks for Buying a House through a "Pocket Listing"

  • There's Less Competition for Houses   Buyers can find great deals on home and sellers can sell their home for the price they want with more privacy and fewer strangers walking through their home.
  • Be sure to avoid a conflict of interest:  With a pocket listing, the agent representing the property has a primary responsibility to represent the seller of the property.  This can be viewed as a conflict of interest and any time there is a possible conflict of interest you should precede with caution.  This doesn't mean you can't get a great deal with a pocket listing; you just need to stand up for your interests.  
  • Is the home priced right? The question is whether the price is good for the buyer and as in any free market, which is up to the buyer to determine.  If the buyer is getting a loan to purchase the property the lender will require an appraisal and this is the best way to get an independent opinion of value on the property.
  • Is the home in good condition? As with any purchase, it is ALWAYS in the buyers’ best interest to have a home inspection done.  This will help uncover any potential issues related to the condition of the house and all of its functions.
  • Shop for a great lender: Going into a pocket listing without doing your homework on a lender can be costly.  Rates and closing costs can vary quite a bit from lender to lender and even if you get a great deal on the price of the home, the wrong lender can have you overpaying through the loan.

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Stress at Work

Stress in the workplace hits many of us often. It doesn't matter where you work, the pressures of your job can be quite overwhelming some days, and while you may not believe it some days, the stress management can be something that you can handle. Executives from recruiting and placement agency VincentBenjamin have some tips on how to fend off stress at work, while being a leader in the workplace at the same time. Here is an example of those tips:

1.    Delegate tasks. Good leaders and workers understand the value of those people who work around them. More importantly, they trust these people to handle the delegated tasks without the threat of micromanagement. Regardless of your position, you can create a team around you who can help you divide tasks so everyone is less stressed and more successful.
2.    Continued learning. It may sound strange that adding more work to your already overloaded work schedule would be effective, but it is. Top leaders keep learning because when they stop is when they become complacent about their careers and their futures. If you continue to engage yourself with new concepts and ideas, you can remain active in your career for a long time.
3.    Get away. Successful workers know it is important to also get away. Not just a trip to the water cooler, but a real break. Intersperse small breaks throughout your work day. And don't be afraid to take your vacation time. So many people avoid PTO time because they're afraid the company will find them expendable. The truth is, with time out of the office you're better able to remain focused and innovative on the job.
4.    Seek a mentor. Successful employees and leaders don't live in a vacuum. They have created a network of people who help them along the way. Find a mentor who can talk through your plans and ideas for the future. You can learn from their experience, and mistakes. They will become an accountability partner to help you move forward when you're feeling particularly stressed at work.
5.    Practice gratitude. Finally, good employees, leaders and executives understand the value of saying "Thank you." They say that it isn't happy people who are thankful, but thankful people who are happy. You'll be surprised how gratitude can affect your mood in a positive way. Being grateful is also contagious, so that positivity quickly spreads and overshadows any negative feelings within the office.
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