Ideas to keep your pool safe this summer

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We must take any and all precautions to keep our children safe in and around swimming pools.

Debbie Hernandez of Home Depot has some ideas that will assist with that, however, as we all know, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for adult supervision. 

Make sure to check with your city for any codes that need to be followed. 

-Install a Pool Alarm on your pool gate.
-Install a Magnetic Pool Gate Safety Latch.
-Install Self Closing Hinges on your pool gate and on any doors that go out to the pool.
-Add Window Locks.
-Install Door and Window Alarms.
-Install Motion Sensors.
-Install Security Cameras with tablet and smart-phone monitoring.
***Be safe and have a great pool season!

Also, with our extreme Arizona heat, it's very important to keep your pool water clean and balanced to avoid bacteria and algae from growing.

Weekly Maintenance:
-Test the water weekly either with
*Pool water test strips
*a water test kit
*taking a sample to your local pool store -After testing, add the required chemicals to balance the water, ph level, alkalinity, chlorine, etc.
-3 Stabilizing Chlorine Tablets in the Floater.
-One bag of 6 in 1 Shock per week.
-Add Clarifier as needed.
-Add Algae Preventer 

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