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Ice Age Overnight at the Museum 

Arizona Museum of Natural History, 53 N. Macdonald in Mesa, will host Ice Age Crash Course Over-Night Camp Friday, July 8 from 6 p.m. until 9 a.m. Saturday morning.  What better way to celebrate the new "Ice Age 5" movie than spending a chilling night in the museum?  Our evening will feature interactive tours, games, crafts, icy bedtime snacks plus breakfast in the morning! University of Advanced Technology students will be here to film your adventure!  All participants will receive a preview screening ticket to "Ice Age 5 Collision Course."  Plan to chill out with mammoths, mastodons and more!

The Ice Age Crash Course Over-Night program is for children six to 12 years old with an adult chaperone over 21 years. The cost for members is $35 per person and $45 per person for non-members.  For more information or to register, call the AzMNH at (480) 644-3553 or email Visit our website at  

For the latest on all of our events "Like" us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @AzMNH!

Farm & Craft

Farm & Craft is a new restaurant that just opened its doors in Scottsdale. It is focused on healthy and sustainable food in a community-style atmosphere, think modern farm with a contemporary twist.

Farm & Craft boasts a seasonal "Wellness-Menu" that focuses on four topics for optimal health. 

  •     Anti-inflammatory diet
  •     Increasing probiotic levels
  •     Maintaining high levels of anti-oxidants
  •     Reducing your overall stress

Features an indoor/outdoor bar with organic spirits lead by signature 'Cold Pressed Cocktails', local tap beers and wines on-tap.
Farm & Craft serves breakfast and lunch in a fast casual setting Monday-Friday during business hours.  Then turns into a full-service dining experience in the evenings during the week, and is also full service all day & night on the weekends. 

For more information visit:

Farm & Craft
4302 N. Scottsdale Road
Cross Streets: Scottsdale Road & 6th Avenue

Monica Lindstrom

Produce Secrets

Shop seasonally to save time, money and experience the greatest level of freshness!
Let's walk through how to select some of the best summer fruits & veggies

  •    Berries (blueberries & raspberries) --- what to look for
  •    Cherries and the difference varieties
  •    Avocados

Different levels of ripeness and how to spot them

  •    Watermelon
  •    Chiles
  •    Corn on the Cob

Once you get all those fruits and veggies home. How do you make them last as long as you can? Let's go over some tips & tricks!

  • There are lots of ways to help keep your fruits & veggies last are some tips for a few of the items you'll find in your fridge.
  • Pack vegetables loosely, the closer they are the quicker they go bad
  • Keep your fruits & veggies separate.

Lettuce - wash (soak in sink of water), dry and store in a zip lock bag with paper towel pressing out as much air as possible.

Avocado (1/2) --- place in a sealed container with a piece of onion to keep it from browning.

Guacamole --- place in an air tight container with a layer of water over the top of it.

Celery --- wrap in tin foil before storing. Wash right before eating.

Fresh herbs --- trim off a bit of the stems, place in a glass with water, cover with a zip lock baggies.

Cherries --- store in plastic bag, wash right before eating

Berries --- let them sit in the fridge for about an hour when you get them home then wash. Air dry in a colander in the fridge.

Bashas' is an Arizona-based, family-owned and -operated grocery chain known for its fresh produce, made-from-scratch bakery items, full-service butcher shop and award-winning Chef's Entrées. Bashas' was established in 1932 and since its inception has given more than $100 million back to the communities in which it serves. 

For more information or to find your nearest location, visit:  

Lululemon Yoga

Are you ready to kick off summer in a big way, because lululemon athletica Phoenix and Walter Yoga are teaming up to give you a full sensory yoga experience.

Together we are bringing you a phenomenal line-up of yoga ambassadors to lead our classes, along with live music.

This special night is apart of lululemon athletica's summer of Yoga road trip across the US. Traveling 3,657 miles in a big RV, the Summer of Yoga tour is making stops in ten select cities and what a treat for our community is stopping here in the Valley of the sun on Saturday, July 9.

Prepare yourself to connect with yogis, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs and rad people, just like YOU.

As part of lululemon's continual effort to create community and spread health and happiness, we will be offering this event complimentary to all.

All you need to bring is yourself and your mat.

Explore your five senses in mind-blowing classes with our yoga ambassadors and discover your sixth sense in an out-of-this-world experience with Walter Yoga.

Join us for a night full of unexpected fun, community and love.

Saturday, 9 July 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM 
The Vintage 45 - 45 West Buchanan Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003 

For more information visit Lululemon Athletica Phoenix's Facebook page:

For more information visit The Vintage 45's Facebook page:                

Brexit Travel:

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Europe trips include: Taste of Bordeaux, Paris, Bordeaux, and Loire Valley; and The Romantic Danube, Prague, Vilshofen to Budapest. 

Trafalgar Tours 

  • Trips around the world include England, much of Europe and US and Canada.  
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Uniworld River Cruise 

  • Offering free air on select sailings to Europe and Russia in 2017 (offer expires Aug 20, 2016)
  • Trips include: European Jewels, cities Include: Budapest, Vienna, Passau, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Wurrzburg, Miltenberg, Frankfurt, Rudesheim, Cologne, and Amsterdam 

Insight Vacations 

  • Couples can save up to $1600 on 2016 Europe Trips, and up to $1250 on trips in the US and Canada. Trips include Romantic Britain & Ireland and Country Roads of France 

If you're looking to take a one-of-a-kind trip throughout Europe, give your AAA Travel Agent a call or book online at

AAA Travel

Netflix Face

There can be too much of a good thing. Skin care experts are now saying that our love affair with binge watching Game of Thrones may leave us looking old. 

Netflix Face is what some doctors are calling the fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin we're getting from watching our favorite shows on all those mobile devices.
Dr. Pablo Prichard, Chief of Plastic Surgery at John C. Lincoln Hospital shows explains the effects technology and the environment has on our complexion. 

  • The light from computers and cell phones is a High Energy Visible (HEV) light.
  • This kind of light penetrates into deeper levels of the skin and damages all those good free radicals.
  • The result is that it breaks down our skin collagen and elastin, making our skin less firm and more prone to wrinkles and lines. 

Netflix Face joins other pitfalls of our modern times:

  • Commuter Face sunspots, lines, wrinkles and dull skin from too much exposure to smog and pollution
  • Cappuccino Face dry and dehydrated skin from too much caffeine 
  • Couch Potato Face acne, rosacea and oily skin from lack of exercise

So how do we still get our Walking Dead fix without looking like one of the zombies?
Avoid watching shows outside

  • Not only are you also exposure to the sun, but the screens reflect and magnify the additional light. 
  • If you are watching outside use a sunscreen. This is a good rule of thumb even whenever you're outdoors.

Don't become a couch potato exercise 

  • Exercise improves vascular health and this in turn helps our skin repair and reduce damage.
  • Some people like to do Face Yoga - exercises designed to work the muscles around your eyes and forehead and neck. The idea is that the tighter muscles can help prevent wrinkles.

Avoid excessive drinking

  • Make sure that glass of wine at Episode 1 doesn't turn into the whole bottle by Season 3. 

For more information visit:

Advanced Aesthetic Associates 
Scottsdale Location: 
8900 East Raintree Drive #200
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: (480) 752-7874