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Unlicensed contractor fails to return money to senior citizens

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Jake Henige, right, promised to return $5,000 to Kathy Roe and her mother but changed his mind. (Source: KTVK) Jake Henige, right, promised to return $5,000 to Kathy Roe and her mother but changed his mind. (Source: KTVK)

Kathy Roe says she’s extremely upset with an unlicensed named Jake Henige.

“How much money has he returned?" 3 On Your Side’s Gary Harper asks her. 

“Nothing. We haven't seen him since he was out here,” she replies.

On Jake Henige’s Facebook page, he sports a pretty big smile. And according to Roe, he should be smiling because she says he's laughing all the way to the bank with her money. 

"He lies. He constantly lies,” she says of Henige. “And, then he lies to cover up the other lies."

In a previous 3 On Your Side report, we told you how Kathy and her 88-year-old mother paid Jake Henige $8,150 to remodel their backyard. But after putting down a few pavers, throwing down a patch of artificial grass and planting some shrubs that immediately died, this mother and daughter team say Henige kept all $8,150 and walked off the job.

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So, what did the unlicensed contractor have to say when 3 On Your Side initially caught up with him and asked to explain himself? 

"I've never had a job go this way," a nervous Henige told us. "I was clear and concise up front and I've never had anything happen like this."

He claimed he intended on finishing the Roes' job.

And as you might recall when 3 On Your Side spoke with him, Henige also promised that he'd return $5,000 out of the $8,100 he took from the Roes.

At the time he said $5,000 was a fair amount because he says he did do a little work. It was an amount that the Roes agreed to accept. Henige even wrote up a handwritten note saying he would return $4,000 by June 30 and another $1,000 after that. 

“I made my bed, and I will lay (sic) in it,” Henige said.

But the women say it was just another one of his empty promises to avoid 3 On Your Side's camera, because, after our conversation, the Roes say they never received a dime from Henige.

Roe says the issue leaves her in tears. 

“Well, I’m kind of angry, but it is kind of my fault (for giving him money up front). I'm depressed about it, and I don't like coming out here,” she said, crying.

The case has been turned over to the Peoria Police Department as well as the Arizona Registrar of Contractors for investigation. 

As for Henige, 3 On Your Side spoke with him on the phone and asked why he failed to return any money like he promised. However, he hung up on us.

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