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Grooming Bar

The Art of Shaving is introducing its first-ever Grooming Bar in Scottsdale Fashion Square, featuring a curated selection of high end products hand-picked for an elevated grooming ritual. Featuring best-sellers in men's haircare, skincare, and body care from brands such as ClarinsMen, Evolution Man, Grown Alchemist, Hanz de Fuko, Neville, Recipe for Men, and Urth, The Art of Shaving Scottsdale Fashion Square will now serve as a destination for men seeking a carefully designed and comprehensive range for any grooming needs. From June to August, you are invited to experience all that The Grooming Bar at The Art of Shaving Scottsdale Fashion Square has to offer.

Grooming Bar- Scottsdale Fashion Square
7014 E Camelback Rd B-112, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: (480) 994-1136
Hours: Monday-Friday 10 AM-9 PM, Sunday 11 AM-6 PM
Website: www.TheArtofShaving.com 

LifeLock Survey finds Summer Travelers Overshare, Putting Themselves at Risk for Identity Theft

Today, LifeLock, Inc. revealed findings from a new survey examining peoples' behaviors while using home sharing and ridesharing services, and the extent to which users are putting their identities at risk during travel. Surprisingly, the research found that the risks involved had less to do with the services and more with consumers' habits and misjudgments when using them. 
"With summertime travel underway, more people are turning to ride and home sharing options for their vacation needs," said Paige Hanson, Chief of Identity Education at LifeLock. "These services are certainly convenient for travelers, and typically come at a lower cost, but it's important to use caution and participate in the sharing economy in a safe way," Hanson added. 
Top Findings:
Among the top findings related to home sharing, 41 percent of Americans, including 57 percent of Millennials, admit they have looked through personal items when visiting someone else's home. Meanwhile, nearly half of Americans (49 percent) confessed they frequently fail to lock up personal documents in their own homes.

Fifty percent of Americans think it's riskier to leave the doors to their home unlocked for a week than to rent their home to a stranger. However, both behaviors may leave unsuspecting individuals susceptible to identity theft if their personal information is accessible.

Risky behaviors extend beyond house sharing forgetfulness in ridesharing was found to be a serious issue. The data found that nearly 1 in 4 Americans (24 percent), including 41 percent of Millennials, have left a valuable personal item, such as a wallet or mobile phone, in a taxi or ridesharing service.

Before heading out on a vacation of their own, 37 percent of Americans, including 42 percent of Millennials, are unlikely to put their mail on hold with the post office, possibly exposing personal information to others who may have access to the travelers' unsecured or overflowing mailboxes. 

Additionally, 41 percent of Americans, including 53 percent of parents, admitted to throwing away documents that included personal information, such as their phone number or bank account information, in a trash can that's  available to the public.
"LifeLock encourages people to triple check that they've locked up anything that includes personal information before opening the door to renters. This rule applies to your "typical" personal documents, including birth certificates, bank statements, utility/medical bills and Social Security cards. It should also extend to other items such as blank checks and even prescription medicine bottles that are also a trove of personal information. In short, you can never be too safe. Unfortunately, having a stolen identity can haunt you for life."
Other steps consumers can take to better protect themselves include:
Put your mail and newspapers on hold. There's nothing like an overflowing mailbox to tell thieves you're not home except, perhaps, a stack of newspapers in the driveway. The USPS will hold your mail for you and deliver it when you get back. 

Have a separate Wi-Fi account for renters and guests: By doing so, you can reduce the potential of having your network hacked. Also, if renters are conducting illegal behavior using your Wi-Fi account, having a separate account can reduce the negative implications of having it tied to your name.

Always check the seat before hopping out of a taxi or rideshare. This simple step could save you more than just the headache of replacing lost items think about the personal information stored on your phone, for instance.

Add a password to your devices, and if your phone uses an Android or iOS platform, enable the "lost phone" function so if it's misplaced or stolen, you can track the device and notify the finder or even wipe its contents remotely.
For more insights into these findings, and tips on reducing exposure to risk in the sharing economy, visit our blog LifeLock UnLocked. https://lifelockunlocked.com/
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My Fighting Season- Rick Schroeder

Real footage. Real stories. Real war. The six-part documentary series follows US Army Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan from the unique perspective of their own cameras. Each episode will feature never before seen combat footage that offers viewers the heart pumping experiences of walking patrols, conducting medevac rescues, the human dimension of war, and fighting back against a ruthless and determined enemy.

Ricky Schroder made his Hollywood debut at eight years old as the emotionally tortured son of a washed-up boxer in the 1979 remake of the drama THE CHAMP. The performance earned him a Golden Globe® for "New Star of the Year" and launched the beginning of his successful career. 

More recently in his career, Schroder added the title of writer, director and producer to his name, with his first film Black Cloud in 2004, an award-winning music video for Brad Paisley in 2006 and the projects Hellhounds, Starting Strong and Wild Hearths. His production company "Ricky Schroder Productions"(RSP) focuses on projects that stand the test of time. He has also become a trusted production partner for the US Army.

For more information on, My Fighting Season, please visit: www.directv.com/networks/audience        

Energy Zapped during the summer

Summer in the valley is synonymous with 100 degree days, cold beers, days by the pool, and frozen desserts. It's all about beating the heat. However, try these unique ways to cool off and stay healthy this summer.
Eat to Stay Cool: According to Asian medicine, it is understood that specific foods can either warm the body or cool it. Beat the heat with these high water-content foods: Watermelon, cucumbers, zucchini, pineapples, and peaches. Tip: Freeze chunks of watermelon or pineapple for a healthy treat (no added sugar).

Stay Hydrated: Skip the ice coffee & frozen drinks (they can dehydrate you faster). Water infused with cucumbers, lemons, coconut water and iced tea made with chrysanthemum flowers.

Cool those Pulse Points: You may feel hot all over, but there are specific parts of your body that are hotter than others because your blood runs closer to the surface. Your pulse points include your wrists, back of neck, forehead and temples. You can also place a cool or damp compress in these areas to cool you off.

Cool Your Neck: Your body's main temperature sensor is located on the back of your neck. If you have long hair, wear it up to let breezes reach this area. A cool compress over this area will also go a long way to helping you feel cooler. (See the Rice Sock below)

For Hot Nights: Make a cold compress on really hot nights, fill a sock with rice, tie it off, and stick it in the freezer for an hour or so. The compress will stay chilly for up to 30 minutes, definitely enough time to nod off. (Spray with peppermint essential oil)

Make Yourself Minty Fresh: Rub on some peppermint lotion. The menthol will stimulate your nerves and trick your body into thinking you're cooler than you are.

For more information visit: http://www.edlamadrid.com/

Tumblestone Tumbleweed Gems and Jewelry

Find out about Tumblestone, an inspiring composite of Arizona tumbleweeds repurposed to craft handmade jewelry, gifts and art


Tuscan Fare

The Tuscan fare is really simple and light, no butter or salt. The Tuscans refused to pay a salt tax in the 13th century, so all their food over the years has been made without salt!  Their food is traditionally made with LOTS of olive oil, fresh veggies and meats.  A good meal though consists of 4-5 courses, so nobody EVERY leaves hungry!

These dishes are things that we are generally familiar with, just served a bit differently:

1) Schiacciata (Skee ACH ah) is their traditional bread, made only with flour, water, yeast and olive oil (it's like Focaccia).  Super easy and fun for the whole family to make!  It's often split in half and stuffed with meats and cheese like a sandwich...but they'll even eat it for BREAKFAST!

2) The ULTIMATE Tuscan Ragu Sauce is surprisingly simple!  Ground beef and/or pork (turkey if you're going super light), veggies, milk and lots of WINE!  Again, no salt and pepper or additional seasonings!  I was shocked!

3) We usually eat BISCOTTI with our coffee in the morning, but there...it's a delicious dessert that's dipped in a dessert wine called Vin Santo that's made from RAISINS!  I did bring back a bottle and would be more than happy to open it live on the air!

For more information visit: www.Hoopfinityshappenings.com

AAWL Pup-"Lana" 

I am a sweet girl that enjoys getting scratched behind the ears and pleasing my people. I walk nicely on a leash and I know several commands including sit, down, and shake! I would love a family where I can be the only dog so I can have all of the attention for myself. My new family should also be ready to take me on a few walks a day or teach me how to run beside a bike that sounds like a blast to me! You are interested in me or any of my other adoptable friends, come to the main shelter to say hello!    

Animal ID    18760919 
Species    Dog 
Breed    Bullmastiff/Whippet 
Age    4 years 6 months 14 days 
Sex    Female 
Size    Medium 
Color    Brindle 
Site    Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA 
Location    Building 7 
Intake Date    4/5/2016 
Adoption Price    $203.00 

For more information on her and animals up for adoption visit: https://aawl.org/                             

Arizona Animal Welfare league
25 N 40th Street Phoenix AZ 85034