Make your own Fourth of July decorations

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Debbie Hernandez, left, with Lina de Florias (Source: KTVK) Debbie Hernandez, left, with Lina de Florias (Source: KTVK)
Patriotic bucket (SOurfce: KTVK) Patriotic bucket (SOurfce: KTVK)
Clothespin wreath (Source: KTVK) Clothespin wreath (Source: KTVK)

It's the Fourth of July! Check out these ideas for additional seating and crafts courtesy of Debbie Hernandez from Home Depot.



  • 80 clothes pins (2 packages)
  • 2' of #4 or #6 heavy gauge copper wire and electrical tape or a 10" diameter wreath ring.
  • Red, white and blue paint or spray paint.
  • Paint pen or foil star stickers.
  • Decorative bow.


-Hand paint or spray paint clothes pins (20 blue, 30 white and 30 red) -Bend copper wire around a bucket to create a ring, close ring by wrapping electrical tape around the ends.

-Clip pins around ring, 20 blue then alternate red and white to complete the ring.

-Add foil stars on the blue pins and a bow.

-Hang and enjoy!



  • Galvanized bucket
  • 1 1/2" Blue Painters Tape
  • Red and Blue Paint
  • Paint pen or Foil Star Stickers


-Tape off around 3" down from rim around the bucket (this is where the blue will go) -Tape off stripes with blue tape every 1 1/2", tapering (angling) the stripes towards each other at bottom of the bucket.

-Spray or paint red in between the tape, let dry.

-Pull tape, leave silver in between or retake and paint white. Let dry.

-Re tape a top of stripes below border to spray or hand paint the blue around the border. Let dry.

-Add foil stars or create stars with silver or white paint pen.

-Add flowers, flags, treats, etc. and enjoy! 

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