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Hi friends,

Anthony and Kathy Collova are the coolest couple. They love life, giving, and oatmeal!

In fact, amateur bodybuilder, Anthony Collova awoke from a dream one day where he was bagging oatmeal. He says he had been doing some heavy-duty dieting, preparing for a bodybuilding competition, when he had this oatmeal dream. 

He then decided to turn it into a reality. Collova was already an entrepreneur but had never worked in the food business before.  He learned how to meet all the government guidelines and started customizing oatmeal.

Myoatmeal.com offers more than 22 billion oatmeal combinations. They have a wide variety of fruits, nuts, proteins, flavors, and oats to meet everyone's needs. 

Anthony and Kathy bag the oatmeal from their warehouse in Tempe and ship their product worldwide.

You can make your selections online and the website will update with the calorie count live.  A bag of oatmeal costs about $7. 

Collova says the most expensive and biggest bag he's shipped was $60. 

Website: www.myoatmeal.com

Twitter: @myoatmealstore

Instagram: @myoatmeal

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myoatmeal/?fref=ts

See you next Wednesday!


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