Beating the hot weather hair woes

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Summer can really wreak havoc on our hair.

With the excess heat and chlorine from the pool, it's no wonder many of us end up with brittle, frizzy and dry split-ends.

"One of the most-asked questions stylists receive every summer from clients is about how they can take better care of their hair during Arizona’s extreme weather," says Amy Freudenberg, master stylist at Dre's Salon and Spa in Scottsdale."

As a style finalist for the Professional Beauty Association’s North American Hairstyling Awards in July, Freudenberg is always looking for natural and professional hair products to help clients look their best.

She says UV rays is one of the worst offenders. "The easiest way to spot damage is by seeing if you have split ends," she says.

She suggests hair sunscreens and leave-in conditioners to ease the damage. She also says you can make your own at-home solution with coconut water or distilled water and olive oil. "It creates a light solution you can mist over the hair."

Another culprit to damaged summer hair is chlorine or saltwater from pools. "It really does a number on the hair," says Freudenberg. "The hair can be left coated with particles that cause dryness and leaves hair dull."

Freudenberg recommends clarifying shampoo. But you can also make your own. "Gently working a mixture of baking soda and coconut or distilled water into the hair will strip away what chlorine and saltwater leave behind," she says. "But it's important to be gentle, as the baking soda may strip away hair color."

Finally, during the summer, a lot of people notice excess shedding and breakage. The loss of elasticity is a result of intense sunlight and heat. Just as with the skin, moisturizing hair is vital, and a keratin shampoo can work wonders at restoring that elasticity.

To create the product at home, Freudenberg suggests: "There’s nothing like a yogurt and nectarine mask."

Simply mix plain yogurt and mashed nectarines and work into the hair. She recommends leaving the mixture in for a few minutes before rinsing. And voila! Just a few simple remedies, and maybe you can say goodbye to that sun- and pool-damaged hair once and for all.  

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