Get the kids off the couch and into boot camp this summer

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Our search to seize your summer takes us to a north Scottsdale gym called Infinity Fitness.

There, summer camp is more like boot camp. For these kids camp means sit-ups, plank push-ups and fancy footwork. Ten year old Halley Hawkins has been coming to camp all summer because her parents wanted to make sure she stayed active. "They didn't want us to just sit around and watch TV," says Halley. "They wanted us to get better." 

The motto here is "Fitness Never Ends." So where does fitness begin? Trainer Mike Sheahan says it begins with the kids, and some are as young as five years old. "If we can instill something in them now that they'll be able to use the rest of their lives, working out, being active, being healthy, creating fitness, that's what we're trying to do," says Sheahan.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, children need 60 minutes of physical activity each day. At Camp Infinity, classes are two hours long, complete with team competitions, workout games, and lessons on stretching.  "It's never too young," says Sheahan. "They're not even kids to us; they're athletes, no matter what age they are." 

One of the best parts about this fitness fix is you can lift weights right next to your kids. "It's like a family in here," says Kevin Brennan, who participates in the program. "Everybody is getting into shape, working out with a smile, we love it."

At the other side of the gym, you'll find moms and dads in group classes that are dedicated to the adults. "There's a couch right over there," says Brennan. "I sat on the couch for two months, watching [my son] workout." 

Then Brennan decided to get in on the action, "I saw other parents working out too and I thought, I need to do this." Brennan and his eight-year-old son Alec Brennan now make exercise a family affair. "It's just fun," says Alec. "And it's educational." And, by the time the speed work and training is over, you can bet these kids are wiped out. 

"The parents are coming in and thanking us, because the kids are going to bed earlier; their kids are asleep by 8:30, 9:00," says Sheahan, which is music to his ears.  

"I have the best job," he says. "I get to come and do this all day. I mean, it's awesome. We're changing kids' lives. Making the future a little bit better with fitness, and there's nothing I'd rather do." 

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