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Blood Donations Needed

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, if you would like to donate blood some valley locations will open tomorrow. To find information on which locations go to, put in city or zip code, and they can make an appointment.  

The Man Spa

We Do Men is a male concept spa that is a rock n' roll relaxation destination in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale.
We Do Men is a favorite for a variety of Valley men and is known for its quirky and fun spa services that cater to men's holistic skincare needs, facials and massages included. 
This Father's Day, June 19th and for Men's Spa Week (June 17 through 24), Stacey will be offering two of her most popular services at a discounted price including the
What a Prick facial ($60 versus $71) and The Double Whammy ($140 versus $162), which is a massage and facial combination- the ultimate indulgence package for dad.
Other fun yet beneficial services offered at We Do Men include the "Get Buffed" treatment that has anti-aging properties for those dads want to look and feel as youthful on the outside, as they do on the inside. It's a workout for the skin!
Stacey curates all of her products in the "Man Spa Shop" and personally tries every single one of her products before recommending them to her clientele. The shop includes everything from solid cologne to "Wash For Men" and the esteemed, RA For Men skincare product line. 
Stacey currently has one location in Scottsdale and within the next year plans to launch "The Man Spa Shop," an online retail store featuring spa and skincare products.
For more information, please visit We Do Men- A Male Concept Spa online at

Stacey Grondahl, owner, founder, lead esthetician and massage therapist who provides classic spa services with a quirky and clever twist. With service names like "Get Buffed,"" BYOBody" and "The Double Whammy," she loves to come up with tongue-in-cheek concepts that break down the feminine barriers of the spa industry to keep dad's laughing while looking and feeling their absolute best. 

We Do Men- A Male Concept Spa
4375 N. 75th Street Suite B Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone number: 480-686-8538

Motivation Monday: EXOS

For this Motivation Monday, we train like a pro athlete at EXOS! This is the place where a lot of professional athletes come to train, complete with two theatres, private massage rooms, athletes' lounge, cafe, pool, football field, basketball court and more! 

They also feature the versaclimber here, which is supposedly the most complete, versatile, total body work out available of any piece of cardio equipment. This independent facility serves professional and amateur athletes who are dedicated to improving their performance. The 31,000-square-foot facility is divided into areas designated for training, physical therapy, and recovery.

2629 E. Rose Garden Ln. Phoenix, AZ 85050 
480-236-5244 / 480- 449-9000

Pool Party DIY/Pool Toys

It's not all about sugar at It'sugar. For summer, you can get the cutest pool toys, towels, flip flops, and the latest pool rafts. IT'SUGAR carries some of the most fun pool rafts, and great candy, that won't melt in the summer heat for the perfect backyard pool party the kids would love. 

Wine Cocktails

Erick Glomski the mastermind behind Page Springs Cellars, Arizona Stronghold Vineyards and the Tilted Earth Festival has created several wine cocktails. This year's Tilted Earth Festival will feature a wine cocktail tent.

2 cocktails
Green with Envy: This cocktail is for lovers of the chile and all things black licorice. The white wine and orange soda are really just the transport mechanisms for the green heat of the chile and the delicious and slightly numbing anise character of the tarragon.
Page Springs Cellars Barrio Blanca, San Pellegrino orange soda, Serrano pepper, tarragon, rose water, agave syrup.
The Unfashioned: This is a savory cocktail that plays the red fruits and orange bitters against the spicy ginger and the herbal sage.  If you like the Old Fashioned or a good Manhattan, this is the wine cocktail for you.
Colibri Counoise, ginger ale, Angostura orange bitters, fresh sage leaves

Tilted Earth Festival a celebration of Northern Arizona wine, community, artists and music
June 16-18
5pm - midnight
Cottonwood Riverfront Park
Tickets available on the website: 

Steak 101- Mastro's

Executive Chef of Mastro's North Scottsdale show viewers how to pick a great steak  what cuts are best for what type of cooking, etc. 

1) Bone in Filet "Chefs Cut"
This is Mastros signature Steak the most tender bone is left on to add flavor.

2) New York Strip Steak
Great for grilling Prime grade is best look for a lot of Marbling or flakes of fat throughout the steak.

3) "Chef's Cut" Ribeye Chop
Also great for grilling very juicy the most flavorful of all the steaks look for a lot of Marbling.

4) Double Cut Porterhouse
You get a large Filet on one side and a New York on the other Perfect for grilling and sharing.

Mastro's prides itself in its selection of high quality beef & sushi.
There are three Mastro's locations in the greater Phoenix area 
Mastro's Restaurants is a collection of sophisticated, classic Steakhouses and Ocean Club seafood locations
Mastro's North Scottsdale
8852 E Pinnacle Peak Rd 
(480) 585-9500


Migraines are common. More than 30 million people in the US have 1 or more migraine headaches per year. This equates to 18% of females and 6% of males.

  •     75% of all persons who experience migraines are women.
  •     1 out of 6 women in America have migraine headaches.
  •     The most common type of migraine tends to start in girls at age 14-17 and in boys at age 10-11 
  •     A less common type is a headache with neurological symptoms, called aura. Auras tend to start in girls at age 12-13 and in boys around age 5
  •     The severity and frequency of migraine attacks decreases with increasing age.
  •     After 15 years of suffering migraines, approximately 30% of men and 40% of women no longer have migraine attacks.

Health Risks of Migraine
    Men and women with women with migraines have an increased risk of stroke 
    Migraine sufferers tend to have a higher incidence of 

  •       Cardiovascular risk factors including diabetes and hypertension 
  •       Unfavorable cholesterol profile 
  •       They are more likely to be smokers 

      More likely to have a family history of early heart attacks
      Have a higher incidence of major cardiovascular disease

Treatment & Tips to Prevent Migraines
    Acute treatment can reverse or stop the progression of a headache that has started.
    Cognitive-behavioral therapy (talk therapy)
    Relaxation techniques
    Methods to stop a headache that has started (abortive therapy)
    Prescription medicines (used alone or in combination) for example, Imitrex, Percocet or some   anti-nausea medicines 
       -It is important to remember that use of abortive medications must be limited to 2-3 days a week to because if used longer they can cause headaches when you stop taking them
    Preventive treatment is given in the absence of a headache to reduce the frequency and severity
    Avoid triggers (such as lack of sleep, fatigue, stress or certain foods).
    Discontinue any medications that cause headaches or make them worse
    Preventative medicines are available and include:
    Several types of prescription medicines

  •      Vitamins/supplements
  •      Riboflavin
  •      CoQ10
  •      Melatonin
  •      Some herbs such as Feverfew, Butterbur

Central Phoenix Obstetrics and Gynecology, 
926 East McDowell Road, #134, Phoenix, AZ 85006
(602) 288-0777

For additional information on headaches visit the National Headache Foundation: