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Sarah Poush received her $10,000 thanks to 3 On Your Side (Source: KPHO/KTVK) Sarah Poush received her $10,000 thanks to 3 On Your Side (Source: KPHO/KTVK)

Sarah Poush has $10,000 back in her pocket. It's money she says she might never have seen again if hadn't been for 3 On Your Side. 

"I'm just very thankful that you guys could help us out," Poush said.

The money goes back six years. That's when her husband gave her a $10,000 cashier's check to hang on to in case of an emergency. The couple lived up in Iowa at the time and after filing the check away, they never felt the need to cash it until now.

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Unfortunately because the check was considered expired, the couple thought the money was lost, never to bee seen again. 

When 3 On Your Side got involved, we discovered the funds were transferred by their old bank to the Iowa Department of Treasury because it was considered "missing money." Banks and some businesses, like the insurance industry, are required by law to forward unclaimed money to their state’s revenue or treasury department. 

It’s called escheating and it ensures unclaimed money is not left in "limbo." 

With 3 On Your Side's help, the Iowa Department of Treasury immediately sent Pousch and her husband the $10,000. 

"Almost immediately, within a week, I was notified by you guys that you guys had gotten confirmation that they did have the money and then a week later I got a check in the mailbox," Poush said.

3 On Your Side also helped out a single, working mother named Maria Bassoco.

She went to a Phoenix furniture store called Muebleria Del Valle back in February and purchased a mattress and couch for $585. However, nearly three months later, she still didn't have the mattress she purchased and said she could not seem to get a refund.

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3 On Your Side got involved and spoke with the furniture store owner. He looked into the matter and said that although he credited Bassoco’s credit card account, it apparently did not go through as he thought. He immediately issued Bassoco a check for $226 to reimburse the price of the mattress, tax and delivery.

"I waited for months and within days, Gary Harper did it within days. Just a couple of days and I had my check -- money in hand," Bassoco said.

And then there's Karl Johanson. His son has an iPhone now, but it was far more difficult than Johanson expected after a delivery mixup by eBay.

He originally found a reputable company selling the perfect phone for around $430 on eBay. He bought it but when the phone arrived, it couldn't be activated. As a result, Johanson asked if the phone could be returned. 

"We reached out to eBay, and they sent us a confirmation saying the v Vendor has agreed to take the phone back we'll send you a shipping label, you have five days to return the phone," Johanson explained.

Unfortunately, eBay mistakenly sent Johanson the wrong shipping label so the phone was not sent back to the vendor as it should have been.

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Because the phone went somewhere it shouldn't have, Johanson couldn't get his $430 back, at least not until 3 On Your Side got involved. eBay looked into the matter for us, realized its mistake and immediately sent Johanson a check. 

"I want to say thanks to 3 On Your Side for all the help resolving the issue with eBay," Johnason said. "I couldn’t have done it without your help, so thanks again."

When you add up all the money 3 On Your Side was able to recoup or save viewers, it comes to $22,985, just for the month of May. The running total for 2016 is $76,933.

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