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UPDATE: Generous viewer helps senior

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Businessman Jeff Peterson stepped up to help 89-year-old Verna Teimer and her daughter, Carolyn Moen, after they fell victim to a con artist. (Source: 3TV) Businessman Jeff Peterson stepped up to help 89-year-old Verna Teimer and her daughter, Carolyn Moen, after they fell victim to a con artist. (Source: 3TV)

When 89-year-old Verna Teimer and her daughter, Carolyn Moen, were profiled on 3 On Your Side back in February, they explained how they had been ripped off by an unlicensed contractor named Patrick Mike Callahan.
"He took advantage of both of us," Moen said.

"I’m too trusting," Teimer said sadly.

"He took advantage of someone who is elderly and that he knew wouldn't remember," Moen explained. "Then he strung us along for months, and it was so stressful."

Callahan took around $1,400 from Moen to install new windows at Teimer's home and then took even more money from Teimer for the same job.

"He double-dipped by both of us," Moen said. "He had her and me pay him. It's a total of $2,600 now."

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3 On Your Side's investigation not only led to theft charges being filed against Callahan but it also landed him on the Arizona Registrar of Contractor's Most Wanted list.

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When our news report aired, a guy named Jeff Petersen was watching and took action.

3 On Your Side was there when Petersen showed Teimer and Moen the completed job; it was emotional. 

"Jeff you really touched our hearts!" a teary Moen said as she thanked him.

"Hey it's our pleasure," he answered. "As I mentioned, Verna's about the age of my mom, so when I heard that story, that's just something I would hope somebody would do that for my mother."

Petersen said he was so upset that someone would take advantage of this senior citizen that he wanted to do something.

"They took advantage of a very sweet woman, and that person took her money and is gone, and it made me very upset," the businessman explained. 

Moen says she’s still in shock at everything Petersen did in her mom’s house.

"He just went through the entire house and said, 'She needs this, and she needs this, and she needs new toilets; she needs new shower heads; she needs a new dishwasher and some new lighting,'" Moen said. "I couldn't believe it. Oh, and, of course, the original windows.”

Petersen works with licensed contractors on a regular basis and with the help of The Home Depot, he paid professionals to replace just about anything that needed to be replaced. He started with those windows but didn't stop there. He had new toilets put in, a new dishwasher, an updated sink, even indoor and outdoor lighting was put in.

Choked up, Teimer and Moen say they can’t believe it.

"Amazed, that someone would do all that to begin with and what they did -- the appliance, the fixtures, the lighting. It’s all beautiful!"

"You're very close to the age my mother is so I just kinda felt that if something like this happened to my mom, I would want someone to stand up and make it right," Petersen told Teimer. 

Moen and Teimer say they're in disbelief at Petersen's generosity.   

"I want to thank Jeff again, so much, and Sean, Home Depot and Channel 3. We couldn't have done this without you!"

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