Options for making your own suncreens

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Making your own and repairing sunscreens

Sunscreens help:

-Save energy and lower your energy bill.

-Prevent fading of fabrics and furniture.

Cuts down on heat and glare.

This will help whether you are repairing an existing screen or making an entirely new screen.


(If making new screens)

-Screen Frame or Frame Kit

-Hack Saw

-#24 or #32 hack saw blade for smooth cuts.

(Only the following is required if repairing or only replacing the screen and keeping the existing frame) -Solar Screen -Corners -Spline -Spline Tool -Utility knife -Tape


-Measure window

-Cut frame to size with hacksaw

-Assemble frame with pre-made corners.

-Cut screen 1"-2" larger than frame.

-Cut the corners of the screen at a 45-degree angle to allow turning the corners.

-Tape screen to frame on two opposite corners.

-Using Spline tool, starting at one corner, push Spline and screen into channel. Pulling screen taught as you go.

-use razor or utility knife to trim excess screen.

-Install and enjoy!

You can also use Screen Mend to repair cuts, rips, tears or holes in screen by cutting a piece of screen mend slightly larger than the damaged area, peel off the paper back, place patch on tear, heat with a blow dryer on the hottest setting for 1 minute. 

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