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Dobson High School teacher Kelly Brabeck given Silver Apple Award

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We are excited to announce our final 2015-2016 Silver Apple Award winner goes to one of Dobson High School's finest, Kelly Brabeck.

She was awarded a Silver Apple trophy and also a Silver Apple Best Dental Care AZ check of $500 to use in her classroom.

Eighteen-year-old student, Kameryn nominated 11- 12 grade AP Biology teacher Mrs. Brabeck because she "cares more about the students' personal achievement rather than their grades." She said that Mrs. Brabeck's open heart, willingness to help and her quirky nature "makes her stand out far above any other teacher I've encountered." 

Kameryn ends her nomination letter by telling us Mrs. Brabeck is " the reason I love learning!"  Congratulations to Mrs. Brabeck for her excellence in education and thank you for making a difference in the lives of Arizona's future leaders.

More about Brabeck

Where do you live:  Gilbert

Why did you decide to get into teaching? I decided to become a teacher for several reasons.  One reason is because I had such amazing teachers while I was going through school.  I saw that they had a major impact in my life, and I loved the idea that maybe I could have that same impact on kids' lives.  Another reason is because I desire to help guide kids into adulthood - not only academically but personally.  I love that I am able to help shape kids' ideas and help them to believe in themselves.

What is your favorite teaching moment? I don't think I could pick out one favorite teaching moment - there are just too many of them.  One highlight was when I helped a student progress from almost being a dropout to deciding to go to college.

How did you feel when you realized you won the Sliver Apple award? When I found out that I won a Silver Apple Award, I was extremely shocked!   I was so touched that my student would nominate me.  I was very happy and thankful, too :)

What do you plan on doing with the $500 grant? Oh my goodness... I have SO many ideas about what to do with the $500!   I truly haven't decided.  I might buy some new equipment or attend a conference.

Please share one of your best practices in the classroom with us.  Get the students involved every lesson, every day :)

What advice, if any, would you give to new teachers starting their career in the teaching industry? Advice to new teachers...You CAN make a difference - don't let anyone tell you differently.  Yes, the long hours ARE worth it, because the kids are worth it :)

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